WARNING: Under The Influence

Warning: Never try to write while under the influence of muscle relaxers.

I only say this because I threw my back out Thursday and was put on some super duper meds to relax my back and help me forget the pain. The doctor told me to stay home in bed for two days and so I thought (as I do when presented with time away from work) I would get some writing accomplished.


After one paragraph I quickly realized my fingers would not do what my brain wanted them to do. Annnddd, my brain was saying the weirdest things. I should have saved my paragraph and posted it for a good laugh, but thought I shouldn’t embarrass myself like that. I’m an aspiring author, not a glutton for punishment. Oh wait, they go hand in hand, don’t they?

So the next time you want to write when under the influence, don’t. You never know what might come out on that computer of yours.

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