My Senior Son

This is my son, the senior. He is my second child and such a unique young man. He has been the easiest child to raise, not having a temper, not an argumentative person, and an all around obedient guy. Just easy.

He is very quiet and has been his whole life. He is a thinker and an artist with a very unique style. One of his art pieces was chosen to go on to state this year. Way cool.

He is a 6’7″ basketball dropout, who was tired of the game being a job and not the enjoyable sport that he loved. So he dropped out and taught himself to play a drumset and devoted himself to his art.

While not the most industrius at home and the keeping of his space, he is a hard worker . He keeps a job delivering pizzas and works for a neighbor as a handy/yard man.

My son is hoping to leave home this summer, move in with a friend 6 hours away, and attend a small college to get his basics out of the way before persuing his art in a big way. While I am okay with this, I will miss this gentle giant of a son.

He got a tatoo this year. (He is 18, and I am sorry if some of those reading don’t like them.) But what I appreciated about him was that he designed the tat and it has meaning for him. He designed a tree stump with hands coming down out of the roots. He wants his life’s work to be about the work of his hands in his art, in the gift that God gave him, and not just be about making money. I love that.

I pray that God will bless my son with more of Himself and lead him to the work that He has planned out for him. (And lead him to a lovely godly young woman!)

22 thoughts on “My Senior Son”

  1. Your son must have inherited some of your creative skills! Thank you for sharing more about your personal life and about your son. What an exciting time of life for you to see your children exhibiting their gifts and getting ready to go out into the world and use them for God’s glory. My oldest son is only in sixth grade and just entered his first writing contest. I’m thrilled with his interest in writing, and will be waiting to see how that develops as he gets older.


  2. Ooh, what a cutie! And 6’7? Wow!! My dad is 6’5 and I thought that was tall. Your son sounds like a lovely young man and I hope he finds a young lady who will appreciate his qualities.My heroine has a tattoo. A couple of them, actually. LOL


  3. What a great kid . . . that would be great man, wouldn’t it? While I’m not big into tats, I love that this one was his special design and the meaning behind it will open doors for him to share his faith. That moving away from home thing is hard on moms. I’ll send positive vibes your way. Each time my daughter leaves to go back to school, I feel a little lost. Doesn’t matter that she’s only a phone call away, only matters that she’s gone from the nest. I always want her to ‘fly’ successfully, but to come home to roost. I know that soon (she’s finishing her Junior year), she’ll leave home for good and that will be a whole new adjustment. So, I just pray a lot and smile as she grows up.


  4. How perfectly written! He IS a gentle giant…also a man of many expressions! His countenance makes me giggle sometimes. šŸ˜‰ He is so talented and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him!


  5. So Jessica, with a dad 6’5″, are you tall? My husband is 6’3″ and I am 5’9″. My oldest son is 6’6″, and my youngest child, a boy, just passed me up. He is 13 and has grown about 3 inches so far this school year. Yikes! My daughter, 16, is only 5’5″ and hasn’t grown in over a year. (Boy is she thankful!) Oooo…your heroine sounds very interesting! A few tats, huh? I can imagine a very intriguing tale!


  6. Sandra, I wonder if it is different for a daughter, than it is for a son. Not having a daughter leave, I can’t compare, but as close as my daughter and I are, I would imagine the distance a bit more difficult. I’ll send some good vibes back your way!!


  7. Ah, Jennifer (aka JPo), my sweet sis….you are such a sweetie. I wish I had mentioned in the blog that you were the fantastic photographer who took the pics! You are awesome! I love that you love my kids so well. ā¤


  8. Hey Sherrinda,Yeah, I’m about 5’10, the tallest of three girls, but my mom is only 5’2. Maybe if she was taller we’d have been taller.So you’re fairly tall! I’ve wondered how tall my boys will get because my husband is only 5’11.


  9. What a handsome son you have and talented too! I also read your previous post and wanted to add that my faith always pops into my writing. I wonder if that’s why it’s having such a hard time being classified.


  10. Thanks for stopping by T.Anne! I was talking with my husband the other day about my faith popping into my book and he didn’t see why that was such a problem. I told him authors had to have a target audience and a target publisher. Dumbfounded, he asked, “You mean you can’t just write a story?” I had to laugh,because when I first started, I thought the same thing! So you are not writing for CBA? What is your target?


  11. Sherrinda,Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. It is wonderful to hear a mother praising her son. Thank you for sharing about your son in this post!


  12. It sounds like you have been blessed with a very talented and wonderful young man. I like his tattoo idea. It sounds wonderful. Every tattoo should have such meaning. I can say that because my husband has “a few”. He has one of each our daughters (only 2) and it is very beautiful.


  13. Thanks for stoppying by Patty! So do you have any tattoos? I must confess that secretly I have wanted one, but know I will never get one. It’s probably not the best thing for a pastor’s wife, you see, even though I like to be a bit of a rebel…in my mind anyway. But I do have great meaning for the one I want. I want the word “freedom” written in Hebrew (very small) on the inside of my wrist. Gal.5:1 is my life verse…”It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” I just love that.


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