Comp Day=Writing Time…Huzzah!

What a glorious day! A comp day spent writing was just the best day ever. Seriously, a more perfect day, there could not be. I slept 2 hours later than normal, and got out of bed at 7 am. I sipped my coffee, read my Bible, wrote in my prayer journal, then booted my computer and began to write.

I stayed in my pajamas (gasp, I know!) and wrote and wrote. Of course, I did take a few breaks. Sometimes to check email and sometimes to check my Google Reader for all the fabulous blogs I read. Oh, I my husband came home for lunch, so I took a break and ate with him, which was nice

I have to say that I was victorious today and was able to push through the block that I have been having. I think I needed a long stretch of uninterrupted time to concentrate and get the juices flowing once again.

For me, one who has a full time job and is addicted to certain shows at night, writing can be a challenge. I know, I know, dump the TV, you say. Well…you are right, but I am a sucker for AI and DWTS and Smallville, and a new fav, Castle. (ooo-la-la, the chemistry and quirky humor is superb…and I call watching it research!)

So today I wrote 6 pages and could have written more if I had not stopped to write this blog before I head out to a track meet. (anyone feel sorry for me?) Now, to keep the momentum going, I am promising myself I will write one page a day. One page, that’s all. It will be enought to keep the flow going and maybe spur me on to write a little more than just that one page.

What do you do when you hit a block?

15 thoughts on “Comp Day=Writing Time…Huzzah!”

  1. Sherrinda, I’m so proud of your accomplishment today!! What an awesome feeling to get past the block and get flowing again! And it sounds like you had a wonderful day.I noticed your side bar and you are almost done! That should give you encouragement too.Sometimes when I get sluggish, I try to think of something new to add, something exciting, or a twist. Other times I simply plod forward, writing piddle and knowing I’ll have to revise it, but at least it keeps me moving!I’m growing curious to know what your book is about since we’re both writing medievals! Maybe sometime you can let me read your synopsis. Or even a smidgen of your book!Tonight’s TV watching should be guilt free since you’re done with your goal for the day! 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Sherrinda! Way to go girl! Why we have these blocks I do not know. Maybe we just need a rest? Whatever, it always feels awesome when we finally conquer it.For me, it’s usually when I finally surrender the struggle to Him with my whole heart that He spurs me on again. So why does it take me so long to give it over to God? I know, I ask myself this all the time, to no avail. Life is what life is, I guess.So glad you’re on the home stretch now and have broken through the mist to anticipate the end!


  3. I love Smallville too! =0) Sounds like a wonderful day!!! I might have to take a vacation day and do the same. It sounds soooo wonderful!! (especially the pj part)


  4. Jody, I just realized I probably need to change my word meter. After writing today, I quickly figured out my book is going to be a bit longer than I originally expected. Not having written before, I have no idea how to “plan” the length of the book. Maybe now I will aim for 80,000. I’d love to share my synopsis with you, even though I haven’t written one!!! I suppose that is something I should do before beginning the novel, but I guess I kind of began as a panster, not realizing I needed to be an outliner. 😉 So, are you willing to share yours?


  5. Thanks Eileen! It felt really good to get so much done today. I have to say surrendering is a constant struggle for me. I don’t know if it is because I have been an oldest child, people pleaser, pastor’s wife for so long, but I tend to butt heads with God at times. Why do I think I can control my life better than Him? I don’t know. Sigh… But when I do, life is oh so much better.


  6. Jaime, I am so ready for more tension between Clark and Lois! The whole Chloe thing has been a bit bizarre.And you should definitely take a day just for you. It is soooo nice!


  7. I’m jealous! I love having days like that – when things flow. Yesterday was a very “bleck” day. I kept getting ready to type, but instead I would start doing something else! *raises glass* Here’s to many more awesome writing days for you! 🙂


  8. Hi Katie! Sorry about your own “blecky” day. I cannot even begin to count my days like that. It seems lately I have been so distracted by all the great blogs I am finding. I just want to soak up all the wisdom out there, when really I just need to get this story in my head down on paper! May the rest of the week bring you success!


  9. Hi Sherrinda,I almost never write a synopsis before I’m done with a book, but I did for one of my Genesis entries because I’m not done with the book yet and I wanted to have a synopsis to send with the entry. It was an interesting experience! I hope my story will stay mostly true to the synopsis. I always find that my stories grow and develop in unexpected ways as I write. So I hate to box myself in too much. And BTW, I would love to share writing and/or synopsis with you!


  10. How nice to get so many words going. I’m just a beginner and don’t quite have the ins and outs of it all yet. I have a long ways to go before I can even give updates, but I really desire to do this so I better motivate myself with something. Thanks for sharing your progress.


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