What’s Up With Me

I feel so out of touch with the world and my online friends. I’ve worked 42 overtime hours in the last 2 weeks and I am weary.

I wouldn’t need to work so long, but there are so many interruptions during regular working hours that I cannot get all these new students entered into the computer! (I work in a large elementary school as registrar/attendance clerk.) I get sooo much accomplished in the quiet of my hot office. (No air conditioning after hours!)

And we live in Texas, where the heat is unbearable at times!

So, don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’m just too tired to do much but fall into bed at the end of the day. I miss you guys!

15 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me”

  1. Sherrinda, I'm sorry to hear you're plate is overflowing these days. I hope you're able to do some things to make this experience bearable. Perhaps a portable fan, some iced sweet tea and nice music playing would help.

    I appreciate all you're doing to make things run smoothly for the school. I'm sure the students don't know how much you're doing for them, but as a teacher's wife I understand. Without such support behind the scenes, their jobs are tougher. So, here's a big THANK You from me.


  2. Hi Sherrinda –

    No A/C? Ack. We're having a scorching day today. I try to keep the air off as much as possible, but it was on full blast this afternoon.

    Hope you're drinking lots of water and getting caught up with your work.

    Susan πŸ™‚


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