The Full Moon Effect

The last two days at work have been harried, not to mention the weirdness at home. It was brought to my attention that it was a full moon week and then it all made sense.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the Full Moon Effect, but it is a real thing. Hospitals say the ER is full of craziness on those days. Many police forces use more officers to patrol on those nights. And I know for a fact that the principal sees a lot more discipline problems during those days. Studies have shown there are more babies born, more crime, more suicides, and even more dog bites! Craziness abounds.

It got me to wondering if this strange phenomenon affects my writing. What happens to my characters during this full moon phase? Do my villains become more villainous? Does my hero do more heroic deeds? Does my heroine pull on her cranky pants? I honestly do not know. 🙂

But isn’t it an interesting thought?

19 thoughts on “The Full Moon Effect”

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. It is so wierd you would post on this phenomenon, Sherrinda, because we talk about this at work whenever there's a full moon. Wackiness abounds.

    People come in or call wanting 12 x 15 purple card stock with pink polka dots and greeen lizard borders, mad that we don't have it in stock. A lady screamed–I am not exagerrating–at her husband as she left the store last night because I could not take a $100 bill and she had to write a check.
    Whenever bizarre occurences fill our day we look at the calendar. 99% of the time it's a full moon.

    I never analyzed it in view of my writing, though. I imagine I am more sarcastic when it's a full moon. And I probably eat more chocolate then, too!


  2. Maybe the full moon accounts for the craziness of my children. Oh wait, they're always crazy! So I guess I can't blame it on the moon! No seriously, I haven't noticed the full moon effect, but it sounds like there really is something to it!


  3. Haha, when I was first reading I'm shaking my head, agreeing, having heard this before. Then I got to your last lines and just laughed! What if it's true with our writing?!! LOL


  4. Ha ha, I always laugh about those cranky pants. I never thought about a full moon changing my characters. But I love to write about the moon in my stories. It always sets such an eerie tone.


  5. You guys always make me smile with your comments! I've been thinking about it all day…wondering if the moon really does have an effect on people's writings. I wonder what comes out of Stephen King's head during full moon weeks!!!! Eeeek!


  6. Oh, I hate the fullmoon. This funny thing happens to me where I grow all this hair and these awful fangs and I start howling and craving the weirdest things…like humans. What do you suppose is the problem? 🙂


  7. I've never thought about the full moon and my characters, but I have seen the crazies come out. And I've read some really great stories with characters affected by the moon (and not just werewolves).


  8. I have a writer friend who swears by this. And she was a biology major!

    I gather from the title of your blog that you're traveling the road toward publication. On September 14th, I'm going to begin posting a series of personal testimonies from authors who've made that journey. It's called My Writing Journey. Mine is up right now. My hope is to encourage other writers, like yourself, in their endeavor. It's a tough road.


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