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Winner of Cowboy Christmas!

I used a random number generator and lo & behold, it spit out our winner of Cowboy Christmas by Mary Connealy!

The lucky winner is………..

Ava is a lovely, lovely woman who is just starting her writing journey. She has begun blogging and I have seen her name of several of my cyber friend’s blogs lately. She has been impressed with the support of the writing community and is eager to learn all she can about this writing journey. Check her out and send some encouragement her way!

Ava, I’ll get your book to you soon!

9 thoughts on “Winner of Cowboy Christmas!”

  1. Congratulations Ava!!!

    I pray God's blessings on all you aspire to do to bring Him glory. You have a lovely spirit. I'll be visiting you soon.

    Thanks Sherrinda for the encouragement you lend to the people of God. Are you still dancing (lol)? I hope so!

    Blessings to you…


  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! When it comes to contests, I am the most UNluckiest person so I am absolutely thrilled to win this fantastic book. Can't wait to start it.
    Sherrinda, your very generous spirit has really made my day. You are truely a blessing to others! Thanks again!


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