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Just Between You and Me-Review & Giveaway

I finished the book Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones today. I’ve been reading more contemporaries lately, since all the ideas for future projects have been contemporary ones. I don’t know if I just prefer historical or what, because the last few books I’ve read seem to be lacking somehow. I’m sure it’s just personal preference. It is harder to “escape” in a time I am familiar with. Also, I think I like historicals because there can be more adventure…you know, duels, tournaments, battles, men in armor…sigh. 😉

Book Blurb:

A novel of losing fear and finding God.

Maggie lives life on the edge, seemingly unafraid of anything. But the image she so carefully constructed is coming undone.

Her job as a videographer takes her around the world. She tells people’s stories, especially those of impoverished children. That’s when she feels most alive, like she’s making the world better.

But when a secret from her past resurfaces, Maggie gets a call that sends her home. Her dad desperately needs her help. Her estranged sister has run off, leaving 8-year-old Riley in his care. She returns reluctantly, hoping to help her niece. There she reconnects with Cooper–a once awkward and shy, now handsome, veterinarian. Her feelings skyrocket when she’s with him, but she’s afraid if she shows him her true self, he’ll reject her.

An honest, hilarious journey that will transform Maggie–if she just learns to trust more and fear less.


All in all, this book was a pretty good read. There was great chemistry between Maggie and Connor, with alot of romance. Jones does a great job with sassy dialogue and quick wit (which I love!). I also love the theme of losing fear and trusting God.

The book dealt with some serious issues within the family and the more I learned, the more I understood Maggie’s wall she had built up around herself. It took a long time to chip away at the wall and I found myself frustrated at the slowness. But I suppose I am like that too. I can’t see what is right in front of me, because I have my own plan and want to see it through no matter what God throws right in front of me!

I am giving away my gently read copy, so if you are interested and want a chance to win a copy, please leave your email address (the spam-free way) in the comment section. I’ll announce the winner Friday. (No Fatless Friday for me this week!!!)

*U.S. residents only. (sorry!)

20 thoughts on “Just Between You and Me-Review & Giveaway”

  1. I know what you mean about contemporaries. For pleasure, I usually pick up historical or romantic suspense. I did love the wit in this book. SO funny and SO smart. LOL
    I already have it so don't enter me. 🙂


  2. Hey, Sherrinda! I get a little annoyed when things are revealed a little two slowly. I also like Jones's wit. She makes me smile with her “sassy” dialogue.

    I already own this book, as well, so you can keep me out of the drawing.


  3. Ooohh Yea, it takes a long time for walls to come down. This sounds like a great read to help others with their walls. Please enter me.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com


  4. Cannot WAIT to read at least one of Jenny's books after meeting her two years ago at ACFW. Just thinking about Jenny's crazy smile and funny Facebook posts makes me laugh.

    Thanks, Sherrinda, for this chance and also for visiting a newbie blogger's blog.
    patti at patti dot lacy dot com slash blog


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