My NoKiss Blogfest Scene

So today is the day of The No-Kiss Blogfest, hosted by Frankie. My best no-kiss scene from my WIP is the scene I posted for the Kissing Day Blogfest, but this one gives a hint of a wannabe kiss.

To set it up…Medieval England…Malcolm and Jocelyn were forced into marriage and he is trying to woo her and yet give her room to learn to love him on her own terms. They have just come back from a ride where Malcolm inspected the fields (where he almost kisses her in the stable…my scene from Kissing Day) She asks him to come to the dinner feast and he does. They are seated at the head table in the Great Hall of the castle and his men and other guests are eating at tables around them.

“You complained not once while waiting for me to finish with the field workers.” He shook his head in wonder.

Jocelyn frowned. “You think me impatient?”

Malcolm shrugged. “It seems you have a short memory, my dear lady.” He smiled, as she drew herself up straighter on the bench. She was so predictable. “You forget how you groaned at the slowness of your sword lessons; you whined at each and every delay on our journey to Ramslea; and you heaped your frustration upon me when things did not happen in a timely manner—at least timely in your eyes.”

Malcolm put a finger to the full lips ready to refute his words, and he let his finger trail the edges of her lips. He leaned in close and watched with satisfaction as her eyes grew wide, and her chest rose with the breath she held fast.

“But you surprised me today,” he said in a soft voice. “You said not one impatient word, and you brought me water to quench my thirst.”

His finger moved from her lips and gave in to the temptation to caress her smooth, rosy cheek. “And I have been thirsty of late.”

How he wanted to drink from those lips once again. He watched, captivated, as her lips parted and her teeth caught the crimson swell of her lower lip.

A roar of laughter shook his thoughts free, and he pulled back and blindly grabbed for his drink. He glanced toward his rowdy men and wished he hadn’t. They stared at him with daft grins on their faces, and Ian had the gall to waggle his brows at him.

If he weren’t here at Jocelyn’s request, he’d haul Ian out to the lists and give him a lesson in respect and deference for his lord.

But he was at this feast for her. For his lady.


And now for one of my favorite clips of an almost kiss! Lois and Clark in Smallville have really been heaping on the tension this year! *heaving huge sigh* Enjoy!

So there you go, my contribution to the No Kiss Blogfest! Head over to Frankie’s blog and enjoy all the fun no/almost kissing scenes!

44 thoughts on “My NoKiss Blogfest Scene”

  1. I love the Malcolm and Jocelyn scene. I love the last line, especially–it just gives it all that much more power. I'd love to see more of this book.

    Also: I HATE Lana!!!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Every time she shows up I just want to chase her off again! Poor Lois. She's so much awesomer, and Clark keeps being such a doofus!


  2. Ooooh, loved your scene. Almost kisses are just as good as the real thing, sometimes even better. And thanks for the Smallville clip. Sigh. I think I could stare at Tom Welling all day.


  3. I love the way your characters talk…in both the scenes I've read I think you've used dialogue very accurately. I think that's why I could never write historical fiction or period pieces…I can't resist the urge to write, “OMG!!!” LOL…great scene!


  4. This was wonderful. My favorite line:

    He watched, captivated, as her lips parted and her teeth caught the crimson swell of her lower lip.

    Whew. Captivated says it al. Such sexual tension- I love it. I can't wait to read this!!! You are a very talented writer.


  5. He watched, captivated, as her lips parted and her teeth caught the crimson swell of her lower lip.

    – love that part. I love your smooth, delicate writing. Beautiful!


  6. “And I have been thirsty of late.”

    AHHHHHHHHH! That was so awesome.

    And seriously, I haven't watched Smallville in years, but Lois and Clark's sexual tension is phenomenal. (Way better than the Lana and Clark tension ever was.)


  7. Again I just have to say that I ove this time period the way they talked, acted, and I think these characters are so strong! It's very full of tension, well done!


  8. Oh my gosh, that is one of the best of the day. I was completely drawn in. Sighhh!

    My first novel is a medieval romance, poor thing got trunked, but it was my first love 🙂


  9. Oh, can you just get this book published already? (I'm sure you feel the same way!) I really want to read the whole thing! The language and characters just suck me right in!


  10. All these scenes are seriously wanting to make me read the novels they come from! A very sweet and interesting scene. I like your main characters already!


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