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My 25th Anniversary!

Tomorrow is my Silver Wedding Anniversary. You heard right! It’s my 25th anniversary! Impressive, I know. And I am really feeling older now. More mature, right? *snort*

I met my husband, John, when I was 17. I had graduated high school, and moved to Houston, Texas to attend a Bible school that was affiliated with his chuch. (His dad was the preacher.) I moved there two weeks before I turned 18.

On my 18th birthday, John presented me with a dozen roses. Well, that was that, and we began dating. We dated for a year and he proposed on my 19th birthday, down on the beach at Galveston. Very romantic. We were married 4 months later, which I know is way too fast!

We have four wonderful children, one beautiful daughter-in-law, and one fat cat.(not so pleased about the cat) We’ve lived in 2 states, 4 cities, and have been at 6 churches.

Life has been full of blessings and I am forever grateful that God led me to a wonderful man whose laughter lifts my heart, whose faith keeps me grounded, and whose love holds me close.

I will be unplugged this week since my husband is taking me to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to stay in a treehouse! I told him I would leave the laptop at home, but would take a book or two…or three. Here is a link to see the treehouse we will be staying in! The Lofty Lookout Treehouse.

So have fun this week without me. I know I may have withdrawals being away from my laptop that long, but I am looking forward to the rest, relaxation, and being with my best friend in the world.

49 thoughts on “My 25th Anniversary!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I've been to Eureka Springs. Granted it was ten years ago — I went to school in Springfield, Missouri and we took a little overnight girl's trip.

    What a lovely little town. Have fun.


  2. How awesome!! Happy 25th, here's to another silver set of years. LOL

    That treehouse looks gorgeous, my husband isn't really thrilled that you shared those pictures…uh he's got a begging wife. LOL

    Enjoy your unplug week!! :0)


  3. Congratulations!! And there's no such thing as too fast 🙂 (I was engaged 3 months after I met my husband and married 5 months later…you're fine!)

    Have fun 🙂


  4. Congratulations. My wife and I recently celebrated our 18th anniversary. For the record, we didn't date any longer than you two did either (though we were a couple years older when we met). I really like where you are going though; it looks absolutely beautiful.


  5. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your 25 years together.

    Have fun celebrating. The Tree House looks like a super place to do so. What a novel idea. (Pun intended. Smile.) Love the heart-shaped jacuzzi.

    I hope you don't go into withdrawal without your laptop.


  6. Happy Anniversary. I must say, yours is really a testament to commitment. I would have thought that 19 is too young an age to understand love fully, but you have proven me wrong. I guess what they say is true.. Love knows no age. I wish you another 25.. nah, make that a 100. Congrats!


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