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Fat Friday & New Resolve

It had been four weeks since I weighed in. Being the holiday season, and then going on my 25th anniversary trip, did not help my weight loss focus. So today I stepped on the scale boldly, knowing it would not be good, and knowing that it was enough that I had returned to the WW meeting for a fresh start. Yes, I gained about 4 pounds, but that’s okay. It could have been worse, I suppose!

So here’s to a new start.

And who doesn’t love a new start?! Everyone loves new beginnings. There is something fresh and energizing about starting anew on any given project. Maybe you are starting a new diet. Maybe you are getting an exercize regime going. Maybe you are beginning a new WIP or starting to do your revisions. All these beginnings give energy and new focus to our lives.

Sometimes when I begin to focus on one area of my life and get disciplined (doing anything with passion does take some discipline to keep going!), it seems to transform other areas of my life. Some of that excitement transforms other areas in my life like a chain reaction. Focusing on eating right spills over and makes me want to incorporate some exercise into my life. No…not like running and sweating (I hate to sweat), but taking the stairs when I can, or parking far away from the store so I can get some walking in. It’s all good, this chain reaction thing!

So what beginnings or new starts spill over into other areas for you?

P.S. I just got my copy of The Husband Tree by Mary Conneally in the mail today and I am sooooo excited! I can’t wait to read this book!!!! I just wish I could sneak it into work tomorrow. šŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “Fat Friday & New Resolve”

  1. I think four pounds gain over Christmas sounds pretty reasonable actually. Good for you for getting back on the scales and starting off strong in mind on the new year. :)All the best this year Sherrinda.


  2. I'm jealous you have The Husband Tree! I loved that heroine in Montana Rose.

    I agree, having a good discipline affects all the areas of our life. Have a great weekend, girl!


  3. *sigh* My goal is to gain as little with this pregnancy as possible.

    WE'll see how this goes…

    4 pounds over Christmas and your anniv. isn't too bad, and knowing you and your new resolve, you'll have it off in no time!


  4. 4 pounds isn't bad!! I NEVER weigh myself. Ever. Unless I go to the doctor. I have no clue how much I weigh (this makes me very happy). But even so, I'd be willing to bet I packed on more than 4 lbs over the holidays!


  5. I was super surprised when I found out I hadn't put on any weight over the holidays. This is a new thing for me!

    Four pounds is amazing though. We won't even mention how much my husband put on! LOL Though he's already lost ten of it.

    Dieting is such a pain! Here's wishing you well. šŸ™‚ I'm sure it will come right back off!


  6. Don't worry about weight. I've gained 30 pounds in the past eight months. This better be a 10 pound baby…no wait, I don't want to give birth to a 10-pounder. Hopefully, it all went to my boobs.

    Anyway, congrats on getting the new book. I love buying new books. They're just so…new.


  7. Aw 4 pounds isn't bad at all. I know what you mean though… if I let 4 pounds slide now, I'll regret it when the kids start asking to go the beach, eek!

    I have an award for you on my blog today, I thought it might make you happy šŸ™‚


  8. Sounds like I'm not the only pregnant woman here. I haven't weighed myself since I found out I was pregnant (other than at the doctor's office). I've been eating way worse during this pregnancy than the last one, and I don't want to think about how serious of a diet I'll have to go on after this baby comes out. šŸ™‚


  9. Hey, Sherrinda!

    Winter gives me a chance to rearrange my days because I'm inside so much. Every other time of year, I want to stop everything so I can run outside and listen to the wind. That's probably why I write more in this season, but that isn't true for this year. I'm hoping that after I move and rearrange life again, I'll figure the puzzle out.


  10. I'm all for a clean start as well that's why I'm starting a new WIP to get into the exact genre I would like and am taking my time in plotting it out. I'm happy. Need more plot though.


  11. You are right 4 lbs is not that bad. It could have been much worse considering all the holidays. =p

    Time for an start in working out. I need to dust off my walking shoes and start taking advantage of this wonderful bike path behind my neighborhood. It goes for miles and is a great place to do some Urban Hiking.

    Good luck with your goals. You can do it.


  12. Hey, Sherrinda,
    With Christ, every day is a fresh start. Isn't that the GREATEST thing?

    I don't weigh, either, just kinda see how my jeans fit. And yesterday they “fit a little tighter than they did before,” to quote Willie Nelson's song lyrics…


  13. Hi Sherrinda –

    You'll get rid of that in no time.

    I'm with Katie. I NEVER get on a scale except at the doctor's office. My outfit is planned to add as few ounces as possible. I remove my sweater and watch. Last time, I hadn't gained anything. Yay!

    Susan šŸ™‚


  14. I think four pounds was conservative of you, not bad at all.

    Yes, new beginnings are fun. Reminds me of God's grace.

    I am beginning to work on a few new chapters of my WIP after some of the old ones didn't fit well.


  15. Sherrinda, I'm sure those four pounds will slip right off now that the holidays are over, you're home from your awesome anniversary trip and are back into your regular routine.


  16. Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words! You all make my day!

    Kanishk, I could not access your profile. It says you have not enabled it to be public. šŸ˜¦ But thank you for the award! šŸ˜‰


  17. I don't have a scale in my home, but I'm sure I gained some weight already this new year from all the left over dark chocolate and Christmas fudge! I think my skinny jeans are turning into hot pants!!


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