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Story Sensei Synopsis Class!

I am beginning my first ever online class today. And I’m nervous. Isn’t that funny? I guess it’s because I haven’t ever done a class before. I’ve never done any kind of writing class. (gasp!)

I missed Camy Tang’s synopsis class in February and decided to order her synopsis worksheet. But I found out that she is offering a 2 week class starting today and it’s only $30!!! So I promptly signed up. I am hoping to learn how to do one the proper way…one that makes sense and yet grabs the reader. 🙂 I’ve heard great things about Camy and know it will be wonderful!

If you are interested, check out her Story Sensei Blog for more details.

Okay, here’s something I saw on a blog recently. I am so sorry I cannot remember what blog it was, but it was so cool. Have you ever thought of a plot, or even began your WIP, only to find that there is a book published with the same plot?

Well, this video demonstrates how even with the same basic plot, your story can be wildly your own. Because you are a creative being, you can put a spin on story ideas that nobody else can. Its flavor is unique to your tastes. Its aroma carries the essence of you. Nobody can spin a tale like you can.

So watch this video and see how the same four chords can play many vastly different songs. Way cool. To each his own….

30 thoughts on “Story Sensei Synopsis Class!”

  1. I hope you enjoy the class! I just did the one in February, and Camy's advice was extremely helpful… I was so pleased and even a bit surprised that she gave feedback to every single person on all the assignments they handed in — and useful feedback, too! I hope to take more workshops with her in the future. She seems like a very giving person.

    That said, the class is hard work, but worth it! Enjoy!


  2. That video is hilarious! And so true.

    I think you'll enjoy the class and learn a lot. Camy's a very good teacher and when it comes to synopses, she sure knows her onions. 🙂


  3. Yay Sherrinda! I pray you will learn alot with your class. I'll have to look into this myself, thanks for the heads up!

    Please share as many details as you can.


  4. Sherrinda, you will learn a TON! I told Camy that she took at least TWO years off my journey to improve my writing! She's edited all three of my babies…even after I got contracted.

    Camy has a “sense” for where the story needs to go; what I particularly like is she gives examples of what to do to “fix” things until you catch on. Nice help for me, anyway…

    You are amazing. Keep going, girl!



  5. What a perfect example of one idea (four chords) and many different ways to present. I gotta give the guys singing major props they really had good voices.

    I've done several on-line college classes and really liked that format. I'll have to consider the writing courses. I'll watch for your review. Good luck.


  6. What a cool thought, Sherrinda. And – have fun with the class. Ah, I've already told you that I love writings synopsis(es)?? synopsi? 😉
    Has this jumpstarted you back into the realm of writing? 😉


  7. It's interesting that you said when you start writing on your blog you feel you have to have something important or juicy or special to say. I feel the same way. And then when I start writing everything seems to fall right into place. As if what I'm meant to write was there all the time.
    Speaking of time I've had little of it lately and instead put some of my poems on my blog. Is that cheating? Good luck with your writing class. Barb


  8. Sherrinda,
    After reading your comments about my
    blog and the piece, my moment of success, I had to say thank you. I'm pleased that my voice is coming through. I love to hear a “voice” of another author when you read his/her work over and over. You begin to hear
    voice. IT cannot always be defined but when it's there you know it. I enjoy reading your blog and am anxious to hear more about the class you're taking. Barb
    I'm putting the blog on here because I want to learn everyone elses blog name. I think this helps…blessings…


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