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No More Writer Wannabe?

I’ve been thinking for a quite awhile about renaming my blog. When I started the blog, I was just beginning my writing journey, wanting to write, but not sure I could really do it. I was a Writer Wannabe. Now that I have spent two years writing and have finished a book, I feel like I am no longer a wannabe.

I am a writer.

Now I am an Author Wannabe. But seriously, that is kind of a lame blog name, isn’t? I’ve debated using my whole name, but it is long and it is weird, and I think it might be too much of a mouthful for normal consumption. Besides, if…no, when I get published, I don’t know that my name would fit across the cover. (LOL) I’ve thought about shortening it, but then I’ve heard some horror stories about using pen names.

So, I thought of using my first name with a tag line of some kind. My first name is unique enough that I think people might not get me confused with anyone else. I don’t know…have any of you met any other Sherrinda’s?

I’ve thought of a few new blog names and created a poll to see what my cyber friends think sounds best. The poll is in the right side bar. So take a moment and cast your vote! If you can think of something even better, leave it in the comment section.

I’m looking forward to what you think–even if you think I need to keep the title the same. That raises another question…should we change the names/titles of our blogs as we grow and change as writers/people? What do you think?

28 thoughts on “No More Writer Wannabe?”

  1. You're the only Sherrinda I know. Since your name is your brand and you have a very unique name, I think Sherrinda works well. You'd be one of those people known only by one name like Cher. Kristi's idea is clever too.


  2. You are the only Sherrinda I know, which I think is cool. Unique and catchy.

    How about Sherrinda's Pen?

    I think we can change the name of our blog, to fit our growth. You are NOT a wannabe any longer.


  3. Oh, Sherrinda, what an INSPIRING post! YOU MADE MY MORNING!!!

    I love your name. It borrows from (Linda) pretty and Cheri (loved one) at least in the sounds of my mind.

    What I love about blogs, tags, writing, is that as your genre changes, your craft changes, your MIND is transformed, it's so cool to show that change along with your posts!!!

    Very proud of you!!1


  4. I like your blog's name as it is. Sure, YOU may not be a writer wannabe anymore, but many of the people reading your blog still are. You will stand a better chance of someone blindly finding your site with it's current name than if you switch to something else. Not only that, but your page rank status will have to start all over if you start a new page; this one already has history.

    Just think, all of US follow your blog with its current name.

    That's my $.02


  5. I don't think you should omit your name, no matter what else you do. Your name is definitely distinct. As for the blog title, I can see how you might want to take away the writer wannabe part (since at this point you ARE a writer), but don't worry too much beyond that. I prefer On The Write Trek myself, but anything you choose will be fine. You know you're a writer, you know you've accomplished that milestone, and you're headed towards the next one. That's what really counts.


  6. I'm for using the name you'll want readers to remember. It's part of the branding process. I know when I look for blogs in my blog roll, I'm looking for a name of a person, and it's frustrating when their blog is listed under another name. I can't find them.

    I don't have a problem with pen names: I think they have merit. Especially if you have a name that's hard to spell or remember, first or last and also, it gives the author a measure of privacy.

    Hint: Elle is a nickname.


  7. Hi Sherrinda –

    My last name is also long. I've thought about a pen name, but would have to start the platform building again.

    I liked the last choice on your poll. I've never heard of anyone else with your name. It's pretty and unique. 🙂



  8. I like Jennifer's idea, except that I'd make it plural – Sherrinda's Stories.

    Taking into account what David said in his comment, for the sake of your following and page ranking you should change only the title on the blog and not the URL – but you probably weren't thinking of changing the URL anyway…


  9. Oh goodness! Thanks for all your input, but now I'm more unsure!!! lol I love all advice…even if it was to say to leave it the same. David, that was a very good thought. 🙂
    I'm going to think about it and maybe decide for Wednesday.

    Thank you all!!!!!


  10. You are a writer. That happened the day you decided to make your dream a reality and put the first words on the page. So, I'm all for dropping the Wannabe.

    As for the title, I'm with those who've said to use your name and build your brand. Sherrinda is beautiful and unique, just like you!

    I voted for one of your suggestions, but here's another idea to consider: Sherrinda Kay, Novelist.


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