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Creativity Runs Deep

I am from a very creative family. My dad is an artist (paints and used to design book covers…for Max Lucado even…now he is an author) My mom designs and creative beautiful quilts and her landscaping is to die for! One sister is an extremely talented artist and the other can design her home like a magazine. My children even have a creative bent, either writing, sculpting, drawing, and painting.
I love creativity in any form. Of course, I love the power of words and the worlds they create, but I love the beauty of words, as well. My father taught me calligraphy many years ago and I have used that skill to create cards and a few different framed pieces. There is something special about taking the written word and adding color and imagination to enhance the greatness of languange.
During Spring Break I went to a Scrapbooking Party and I made cards. I love having homemade cards around to write more words in! 🙂 I can’t keep up with photos, but let me make cards, and I can crank them out.  I’ve also made jewelry, tiled flower pots, beaded tin baskets, crosstitched, made decorative books, and many other crafty things.
It’s all about creating. Building something out of nothing. Making something of beauty and worth. Using the imagination God gave me to forge something of value…well, it may only have value to ME!!! lol

So how do you express your God-given creativity?

17 thoughts on “Creativity Runs Deep”

  1. That's awesome!!!

    Um, yeah, I am NOT very creative. I try though… I do the scrapbooking thing but rarely find time! VERY frustrating! And my scrapbooking looks like a 3rd graders work on a GOOD day!


  2. Oh wow! Sherrinda those are beautiful creations!! You are very talented! I love being creative too in other ways, but I just don't always have the time at this point in my life! I do scrap book with my daughters, and really enjoy that outlet. I love piano and photography. I think each of our outlets can fuel our the sparks for our writing too!


  3. Wow! You're so talented.

    Before I started writing for publication, I crocheted, did needlepoint and embroidery, and dabbled in crafts. Time is an issue, so I decided to concentrate on writing.

    Susan 🙂


  4. Sherrinda,
    OOOOH, I LOVE homemade cards, ESPECIALLY yours!! Are you marketing them?? (Please?)

    Sigh. My walls groan with art…of my mom, my daughter, my friends, but I can barely slop paint on a canvas. Cooking, I guess, would be my other creative activity. Does that count???

    Love your place.


  5. Sherrinda, your cards are beautiful.

    My major creative outlet is my writing, but before that I did rubber stamping and scrapbooking. As others have said, I rarely have the time for those hobbies these days.


  6. My mother was a potter. She had a wheel and kiln in the basement of our house. Her talent did not pass down to me in these areas but I did learn to appreciate creativity. I use to like to sew, and miss it. Now I scrapbook when I can, and most of all like to play around with my photography, when not writing.
    Happy card making!


  7. What a talent you have!! Love your beautiful calligraphy, and how special that you learned the craft from your Dad! God has certainly gifted your family with artistic talent!

    My Dad was an artist (oil, & pen & ink – he passed away 7 years ago), my Mom is an artist (watercolor), and my brother loves to create art as well. I've painted a couple of pictures and find that I prefer expressing myself with words!!

    I look forward to getting to know you! God bless!


  8. I love this post! I come from a very creative family also, which I am VERY thankful for. I don't think I could tolerate if God gave me the desire for something having to do with science or math… =) The cards you made are beautiful!


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