Lost and Not Found

I’ve lost Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell and I am frantic trying to locate it! There are only so many places it could be, right? There is no one to loan it out to…well, there is one, but I don’t remember loaning it to her.

So where or where art thou, oh book so needed and desired?
The thing is, I am ruminating a story idea and want to be a “plotter” with this one instead of doing it by the seat of my pants. I need to read through this book again so I know how to do it right. I want my plot to be sound, with no holes. I want the story to flow, with no skips and lurches. I need to find this book!
And no, my library does not carry it. *gasp*
I suppose I could use my Amazon money that I’ve won from Swagbucks, but I am wanting some fun books from some favorite authors that are coming out soon. (Swagbucks is a site to earn online money by using their search engine. You can exchange the online money to purchase gift cards and other merchandise. I always buy the Amazon gift cards and put it in my Amazon account to feed my book habit. Shameless plug, I know.) I really don’t want to purchase a book I KNOW has to be around here somewhere.
So now what? I’m not sure. I need some help in plotting, to be sure, but am not quit sure what to do. I wonder if there are online helps I could find? Or maybe my library has something comparable. (I know, I know, there is nothing like Bell’s work!) But surely there is something out there to help me.
Any ideas?

16 thoughts on “Lost and Not Found”

  1. Whenever I lose something, I do one of two things: Ask my husband, whose nickname is Sherlock Dadlock, to hunt and find it, or ask the Lord to show me where it is. We once found a cup of coffee in the linen closet!!! That turned into a column for the newspaper.

    Praying you find it, dear. I love Swagbucks, too. I just cashed in my first points for Amazon money, without spending one cent. I like that system!


  2. I've not heard of Swagbucks. Cool!

    Hopefully you'll find the book soon. If not, request it at the library. If they don't order it, they could get it inter-library loan.


  3. Sorry your book is lost. I predict you'll find it about the time you don't need it anymore… 😉

    Have you discovered Holly Lisle yet? She has a plethora of free plotting advice and info (as well as a *ton* of other free writing stuff) on her site that has really helped me clarify the way I organize things. Here's a link to her “Create A Professional Plot Outline” free pdf file (non-affiliate link) – maybe that would help? Check out the site while you're there – no end of free stuff for writers. 🙂


  4. I hate when this happens!! I seem to misplace stuff all the time. I've probably spent 10% of my life looking for lost items.

    Hoope you find it soon!

    If not, it's probably worth the re-purchase. But of course, the minute you buy a new copy, you'll find your old one. 🙂


  5. I agree, once you have the tool that works best you don't want to use a substitute.

    Mother's Day is coming maybe you could hint to one of the kids.


  6. I agree with Tamika. A great 'hint' for Mother's Day. And even if you do find the original, you'll now have two in case one gets misplaced again. Best wishes!


  7. Diane, I hadn't thought about putting on my Whiney Pants and going up to the library to get them to purchase it! 🙂

    CJ, thanks! I am going to make another round of searching in a bit.

    Jeanette, I haven't prayed about it yet, but I know there have been times when I have prayed over a lost item and lo and behold, it's found! 🙂

    Julie, swagbucks has earned me $15 in Amazon gift cards in the last couple months!!

    Jody, well, I didn't whine about Maas's book, but it has run away with Bell's book. 😦

    Erica, oooo, and inter-library loan!!! Another thing I hadn't thought about!

    Krista, why don't you pack up and move on over to Texas! We will treat you right!

    Jaime!!! What a great site! Thank you so much for giving me the link, because I jumped over and was amazed at the wealth of info there. And you are right, I'm sure my book will show up after I get my next book plotted! lol

    Katie, yes, I'm thinking I may have to break down and re-purchase it. But that's okay! If I find the other one, I can give it to my writer friend.

    Tamika, Mother's Day is a GREAT idea! I'll definitely be dropping hints!

    Jaime, swagbucks is just an easy way to earn a little money for my book habit! 😉

    Cindy, okay…I suppose I'll ask the library. I just hope they can get it quick! 🙂

    Lynn, I think asking for Mother's Day is a wonderful idea! I think I shall!

    Janna, oh yes…the Mommy Eyes are indeed powerful, aren't they! Do they dim with age though? lol


  8. I get frantic when my writing books go astray!

    Maybe you could try a melding of pansting/plotting. Determine the main plot points first and let your panster self do the rest?

    Have fun!


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