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I Write Like….????

I succumbed to the curiosity and checked out the site called, I Write Like. What you do is put in a few paragraphs of your WIP and it gets analyzed to see whose writing is similar to yours. I tried it and here is who I write like….

I write like
J. K. Rowling
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Hhhmm, that can be good in that she is famous and has money now, but in writer’s circles, well, I’ve heard talk that she is not the best writer. So what is better? To be published and have tons of people read and love your books? Or to be a great, profound, deep writer?

I couldn’t stand it and I tried again with a different snippet from my novel. Here’s what came of it…

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Now that is weird. But I must say it is a bit flattering. Like Rowling, he is famous and most likely wealthy. I haven’t read any of his books, other than his book on writing, so I can’t say that my writing compares with his in any way. Now I want to try again…here goes…

I write like
Anne Rice
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Ha! I think I may be supposed to write fantasy or paranormal, which is interesting, because the story I am plotting out right now is a speculative book. It’s a contemporary with a bit of magic in it. No witches or anything, just a wee bit of magic to make for a fun read.

Okay, okay, I couldn’t resist and tried again….

I write like
Charles Dickens
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Bahahahahaha! Now that is hilarious and most likely proves that this site is just a random generator of author names. I would say that my writing is NOTHING like Charles Dickens’ writing. NOTHING like it. Whatsoever.

But this was a nice way to pass the time on lazy summer day. Try it out and let me know who YOU write like.  I WRITE LIKE.

14 thoughts on “I Write Like….????”

  1. Oh, Sherrinda, you filled my morning with laughter. You are AMAZING.

    Okay. I write like: Barbara Kingsolver. Kim Edwards. Lisa Samson.
    (I am just sticking the test and picking who I want)
    YOUUUU have a great weekend, you Dickens.


  2. I did this several times and got Stephen King repeatedly. Then one random time, I got JK Rowling. I laughed with both. I write like neither.

    On a funny note, I decided to test this little website. I typed some of JK Rowlings Harry Potter story into the thing and the website told me she apparantly writes like Stephen King too. Then I typed some of Twilight into it, and found out Stephanie Meyer does indeed writer like herself. (can you tell I was procrastinating!?)


  3. LOL, that's hilarious. You took this way farther than I did, which is an interesting peek into your personality. You're probably much more thorough about everything than I am. Still, I'm glad you had fun with it. I know I did.


  4. Hey! I was going to blog about this on my Monday post. Oh, well. Guess I still can. Anyway, I did it 4 times too. The first three were all James Joyce, James Joyce, James Joyce. And the fourth time was Stephen King.

    All I kept thinking was…Didn't Joyce write, like, a 30-page sentence? Run-on much?


  5. Patti!!! I love that you CHOSE your writers to be like! lol Perfect! And I absolutely LOVE to make people laugh.

    Katie…how fun! I wonder how many authors they have in their site. It doesn't sound like they have too many. And how funny that you took the time to put in published authors' works! That is hilarious! 🙂

    Jessica, I'm with you! Give me a great story anyday.

    Eric, I am a curious soul, but then…what's that saying….”Curiosity killed the cat”? 🙂 I don't know about thorough, but I like to explore and learn. You didn't say who YOU write like!


  6. Oh my gosh! I'd never heard of this site before today. Yeah, I got Stephen King, too, which is silly because I put in one of my more romantic scenes. But before him I got James Joyce and Vladimir Nabokov (i.e. Finnegan's Wake). Hey, at least these are authors considered some of the most influential in our history! Yay! But, of course, that was years ago and I write contemporary 🙂


  7. Oh, I guess I should have clarified on that, so no one thinks I'm trying to credit the wrong person for a popular piece of fiction. James Joyce wrote Finnegan's Wake, which I have never read. Had to look up Vladmir, though. He wrote Lolita, among others. Hmmm.


  8. One of my writer pals shared this with me last week. Supposedly, I write like James Joyce. I read one of his works in college, and it certainly wasn't at all like my historical inspirational romance. =)


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