I’ve Jumped Into Insanity

I closed my eyes and jumped over the edge. The edge of insanity. I have joined the thousands who have signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo. And if you don’t already know, November is the month of this blessed insanity.

Yes, I know I work full time; and yes, I know Thanksgiving is a part of the month. But I need a jump start and I thought the challenge of getting 50,000 words written in a month was a perfect way to get going. There is a slight problem in that you have to start from scratch, and I have already written eight pages on my new story. I think I may re-write it at the beginning of November to be in compliance. Do you think that will be okay?

So now, I am working on getting a better outline. (I know, Kaye, I need to quit that and just write, but I think I need to do this….this kick in the backside!) I need some structure so that I can just write and not get stuck thinking of where to go next.

Is anyone else participating? Need a NaNo Buddy? My user name is Sherrinda, so look me up and add me! Or click on the NaNo Badge. It should link you to my NaNo Page.

23 thoughts on “I’ve Jumped Into Insanity”

  1. I love NaNo. I work fulltime, too, but this is my 5th year participating, and I've managed to win every time. One year, I even had company for 5 days. I just got up early to write. I added you as a buddy–I'm MaryF13


  2. I have tried to do NaNo a couple of times and every time something serious came up and I was never able to finish. Grrr…

    I was going to try again this year, but now we're moving the beginning of December, so November is going to be crazy busy. I'll be on the sidelines cheering you on with pom poms. πŸ™‚


  3. I loved doing NaNo for the first time last year. I wanted to do it again this year but I started a new WIP at the beginning of this month. Hey–I might finish it, but that means about 88,000 words this month and then having to turn around and write at least another 50 K next month. Hmmm…130 in 8 weeks. Wow! BUT…if for some reason I DO participate, I think I'll write a book to follow up what I'm writing now. I love to characters too much to say goodbye πŸ™‚


  4. I want to do this sometime, but not next month! I still need to plot my story, so maybe I will have something for next year. I just wish it didn't come along once a year. Cheering for you!! You'll make it. πŸ™‚


  5. Woohoo! I love Nano. I wish I was in a position to do a true NaNo this year, but I'll be in the middle of a project, so I'll be 'shadowing' NaNo, trying to get 50K on that project in November. Happy Nano-ing!


  6. Who says you have to start from scratch? did I miss that in the rules? I used NaNo last year to help me finish I novel I had been languishing over! This year I am using it to get started on an old project that needs a complete re-write. The BEST part about NaNo (besides getting a lot done!) is the inspirational emails (they are really good, not just fluff) and the motivation of seeing your writing buddies word counts increase.


  7. I assume your finished novel will be longer than 50k words, so, as others have asked, why start over? Just pick up and keep writing. Rewrite after you finish your first draft.

    And, no, I'm not against the idea of outlining and having your story plan in place, especially if you're pushing to write the first draft in a short time period. What I'm opposed to is getting so caught up in the outlining process that you never actually get around to writing the story. Believe me, right now, I'm wishing I had a much more detailed story synopsis/outline for the book that was due Friday and is still only about 1/3 written. I'm actually stopping this afternoon to work on an outline/brainstorming scene ideas.


  8. Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I am a little nervous, but I am hoping to get a little discipline from all of this!

    And Kaye, I love your encouragement! Always, you teach, as well as motivate! I can't wait to meet you face to face some day. (I'm a hugger, just so you know!)

    LittleWomen21, what is your NaNo name? I've added MJ and Charity. I'd love to add you too!


  9. Sherrinda, you are so fun!!!
    It's a breath of fresh air to be outta the cave and in here!

    Of course I am running my own NanoMano or whatever right now. Mandatory!

    Blessings, dear one.


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