NaNo, winner

Winners & NaNo-ing

So it’s Friday and this week has been difficult to get good word count in. I think the time change has factored in, in that I am so tired at night and then get up really early. I haven’t caught up in my sleep, I suppose. I’ve had things to do several nights this week, which has also contributed to my lack of word count, but you know, sometimes life is just more important than words on a page.

Below I’ve listed the winner of Second Chance Brides by Vicki McDough, but really, there are two winners this week. I feel like I am a winner for having written EVERY day for the past two weeks. That is huge for me and a habit I’ve been wanting…needing…to develop for quite some time. That’s the real reason I joined NaNo–to get into a good habit of daily writing. Thirty days to make a good habit, right? Well NaNo, you are  my inspiration this month. Thanks for giving me success in The Daily Write.


Winner of Vicki McDonough’s Second Chance Bride is:



9 thoughts on “Winners & NaNo-ing”

  1. The Young One's art class had a series of assignments called M.A.H.O.D. Make a habit of drawing. It's helped me. Each day a drawing or doodle. Something to practice with. Five minutes, 15 min an hour, whatever time I have for that day. M.A.H.O.W. Make a habit of writing? Hope you continue to have fun with NaNo


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