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Road Trip

I’m going on my first road trip with my daughter today. We are going to Houston to see friends and I am excited.  Not only do I get to spend some fun time with my daughter, I get to see a special friend of mine. This friend is one who can make me laugh like no other, and I’m hoping to get a start on six-pack abs with all the abdominal exercise I’m sure to get giggling and belly laughing.

I got an email from my friend and she is so excited I’m coming that she booked us pedicures! Ah, sweet indulgence. She wanted to know what kind of snacks I like and told me to bring comfy jammies for late night talks. I get to go to church with her and see friends I haven’t seen in so long. It will be a piece of heaven, I’m sure. 
There’s something special about reconnecting. Remembering the nuances of another’s personality. Recollecting memories shared. Rekindling the friendship. I was thinking about this as I opened up my first manuscript that I had set aside this summer. I haven’t finished revising it–embarrassing to admit–and grew tired of it. But after pulling it out, I felt the old love returning. That whisper of familiarity called me close and breathed in a longing to see this story to completion, edits and all. 
I am hoping to begin edits soon and get it ready to enter into the land of rejection. It’s part of the journey and I’m getting ready for that next bend in the journey. 
What have you been rekindling lately? 

7 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. I hope you guys have a whole lotta fun!! Mother-daughter bonding! Makes me wish for a girl someday. 🙂

    And how exciting about the edits and stuff! Who knows where you might be this time next year. How'd your NaNo book go?


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