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December Time Stealer

We all love Christmas, but many of us don’t care for the busyness of December. There are parties to attend, parties to plan, presents to shop for, presents to wrap. There are basketball games (if you have tall sons like me), concessions to sell at, and tournaments to drive to. There are cookies to bake, candy to make, stockings to stuff, and houses to decorate. It’s a busy time.

So when to you find time to write? If you work outside the home like me, you either get up a little early or stay up a little late. But with life so busy, my energy lags and I want to do neither. I think sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to not be quite as productive as we would really like.

It’s okay to only write 500 or 250 words instead of our 1000 a day plan. It’s okay to edit only a few pages instead of a chapter a day. Give yourselves some slack. It’s only for a season, and January will come before you know it and present you with time to rest and recharge. Your fingers will fly across the keyboard with all the renewed energy!

Enjoy the season of God’s love and gift of His Son.

10 thoughts on “December Time Stealer”

  1. Basketball has really thrown me so far this year. I'm a month into the practices and games and still struggling to find time for everything.

    But I'm getting proactive. Instead of floundering and procrastinating, today's the day I take a bite of of my current project!


  2. My daughter taught me a valuable lesson a few years back. She's Miss Christmas and likes to cut the tree the day after Thanksgiving, get it up and decorated, and put the wrapped presents under it. I'd fought her for years, but once I tried her way of doing things, I was sold. By getting the decorating and shopping out of the way early, I'm better able to enjoy the holiday season and have time for other things. Ah, the wisdom of the younger generation. =)


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