I’ve been forced offline and I’m having some withdrawals. The power cord to my laptop got chewed up by my dog. (He’s okay, btw.) But being the cheap people that we are, we ordered one online for just a fraction of the cost of one in the store. BUT…I have to wait. I am expecting it Tuesday.

Annnd, my phone has quirked out on me. I can receive calls, but the touch screen doesn’t do a thing. Nada. Zip. So I am going to Best Buy tomorrow and get me a phone. It is amazing how accustomed we become to being connected. I hate knowing I cannot get a hold of my kids immediately. I hate knowing they can’t call me.

And being away from my online friends….well, I miss you all. It is funny, but my first thought was that I will have more time to write. Silly me. My computer still doesn’t have power. I can’t access my WIP, because I haven’t saved it on my zip drive yet. Silly me. Really….silly, silly me. (What if it is not my power cord and my computer can’t be opened up????)

So this post is a bunch of nothing. Just me enjoying my hubby’s computer and going through my 122 emails and saying hi to my friends.  Now I will go back to reading some good books.

What do you do when you get disconnected from your gadgets?

7 thoughts on “Disconnected”

  1. Go without my gadgets? *gulp, eyes dart around* How dare you say something like that? lol… I did go without consistent internet for a couple of months in Dec/Jan–it was the hardest two months ever! It did teach me to be more purposeful about the time I do have though. 🙂


  2. When I'm disconnected from my gadgets, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth, with a few well chosen words in thrown for good measure. And mass quatities of chocolate.


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