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Who Are You Praying To?

Photo by thepathtraveler

We talked about prayer in Bible Class yesterday and it struck me that I don’t really think about who I am praying to like I should. Many of you probably have heard about the formula for prayer called ACTS.


In the Adoration section, I praise God for being God, but here is something I learned in class. There are three different aspects of God that I have never considered as a whole.

God is High and Holy. The God who is worthy of our praise. The God who is so Almighty and Worthy, He commands respect and awe. He is Creator. He is above all things and over all things. He is our High King to worship and serve wholeheartedly.

God is Righteous. He is perfect. He is pure. He is white as snow. And being righteous  He can stand as one who judges justly. He is a just God. He is the ultimate God, without blemish, without fault.

God is Love. God is  compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. He cares for us, His children…the pinnacle of His creation. He listens to us. He speaks to us. He gives us a relationship with Him that fulfills us and sustains us in this dark world. His love envelopes us, giving us peace.

May the Holy, Righteous, Loving God surround you with His loving presence, that you may know Him and come to love Him with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. May you be blessed by the Maker of heaven and earth and filled with His Spirit to overflowing.

Go in peace and have a Marvelous Monday!

12 thoughts on “Who Are You Praying To?”

  1. Chill bumps. It always amazes me that THIS God wants to spend time with me. Little ole me. He wants me to curl up and adore Him, ask of Him, and simply just be me around him.

    Thanks for reminding me once again WHO He really is! 🙂 Have a Marvelous Monday yourself.


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