Folding & Oganizing T-Shirts In A Drawer

I found a new way to fold t-shirts that will save a ton of space in your drawer AND  make it easier to find the t-shirt you want to wear! So I decided to do a little photo-shoot to show you how to do it. Excuse the poor photos. I should have do it in the day light, but I was busy with another DIY project I will share with you next week! (Eeek…so excited about my “trash to treasure” find!) Anyway, let’s get started…

First lay out your t-shirt with the back of the t-shirt showing. 
 Next, fold one side over to the center.
 Next, fold the other side in toward the center.
 Next, fold the bottom of the t-shirt about 3 or 4 inches up.

 Next, fold the t-shirt up to where there are two equal parts of the t-shirt left.

 Then, fold the rest of the t-shirt up, so it should look like this.

 Now, turn your t-shirt over, so that you see the front of the t-shirt.

 Now here is the coolest part. FILE your t-shirts in your drawer like so. Look how you can see all the t-shirts, instead of having to dig down to find the t-shirt you want! 

Now you would think the t-shirts would fall over, but because they are tightly folded, they manage to stay upright (for the most part). Now, I didn’t “file” these t-shirts by color, but you could certainly sort them according to color…reds together, grays together, blacks together, etc…

This was an easy organization project that only took me about 15 minutes to do! And boy, it felt good!!!

Have you ever seen this done? How do you organize your clothing drawers? Any tips for me?

15 thoughts on “Folding & Oganizing T-Shirts In A Drawer”

  1. I fold mine a little differently (less actual folds so there are fewer creases), but I put them in the drawer the same way. It makes a huge difference. Since I take shirts from both sides, if one side seems to be falling over more than the other, I take some from that side and put in on the other. I know it sounds confusing, but this makes one side stay upright better and fewer shirts falling over. I don't have mine organized by color so it's not a problem. Then when putting away the laundry, I put shirts on the “short” side.


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