What NOT To Do When Taking Pictures

Learning about your camera takes time. Obviously, I need a lot more time. While at the park with my daughter and husband last weekend, I pulled out the camera and began shooting. I tried changing the setting, using the manual focus, but then I forgot to change it back to auto.

Big mistake.

Many of my pictures got over-exposed.


ย Now, my daughter LOVED them and thought they were interesting, but me?…I prefer the normal “colored” ones.

Yep, much better! Later, I just started playing and took pictures of just about everything. That’s what I think is fun…seeing beauty in things that I normally just pass by.

ย And then my daughter got a hold of the camera and we got this…

Good times! I love time with my family and I love a beautiful cool day with a warm sun and bright blue skies.

Do you ever take pictures just for fun?

14 thoughts on “What NOT To Do When Taking Pictures”

  1. Such beautiful photos! I have my camera out so often, my children no longer smile for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I'm not a skilled photographer. I don't know the first thing about lighting, settings, etc. (Couldn't even think of any other photography words.) I especially loved the pic of you and your hubby – and the last one of your beautiful smile. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I had my camera for a couple years before I ever ventured off the auto setting! I've been thinking it's time to get out there and take some new stock photos for blogging (because you can't get sued for using pictures you took yourself… right?)


  3. I had fun viewing your pictures, I can't imagine how much fun you had taking them : ) When the kids were young, I took so many pictures I wore out 3 cameras. And my welcome. The kids and my husband hide when they see the camera come out, LOL. I'm thinking about getting a nice camera, one that actually takes clear pictures. But first, must see how taxes come out…

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oh wow! I have never thought about taking my own stock photos! What a great idea!!!! I've been using for photos. You can download them if you give them attribution on your blog. I started using them because I got contacted by an artist for using a picture I found using the google images. I had to get it off the blog and all searches…it took me HOURS to figure out how to get it off searches even though it was off my blog. I then went back and deleted ALL photos that were not my own. It was crazy. But now it is all good.

    And I am definitely going to start building my own stock photo pile! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Oh Audra, we had a good time at the park. I just love being with my sweet daughter. And I can sure relate to the family hiding. They can't stand to have their picture taken. Sigh…oh well, they just have to get over it!

    You should definitely get a nice one. They are fun. (I got mine with Christmas money with the thought of future grandchildren!)


  6. The overexposed photos look rather atmospheric and could be used to spark ideas for story settings. Fog so thick people look like ghosts, etc. I love taking pictures of the farm and of the animals, but the barn isn't really a good place for a camera. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I found your blog through The Writers alley and really enjoyed your posts on God and writing so thought I should say hi. So…hi!


  7. Hi C.L. and thanks for finding me! The Writer's Alley is a great place and I love blogging there. Those ladies are so wonderful and I am blessed to be a part of them.

    I would LOVE to have a barn to take pictures of! Of course, I do understand it would be a bit scary to take a camera in there! lol


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