Bible journaling, illustrated faith

Bible Journaling…Illustrated Faith

I bought a Journaling Bible with some Christmas money after seeing a blog post about Illustrated Faith. Since then, I have been having a blast making my favorite verses pretty. My word for the year is Brave, so I’ve looked for scripture about being brave…courageous. I love the theme of freedom and have lettered some of my favorite “free” verses. It is amazing how the Word comes alive while dwelling on the verse as I spend time making it pretty. Hopefully, one day I will have the Bible filled with color and can pass it on to my daughter as a keepsake of me and my faith.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Bible Journaling…Illustrated Faith”

  1. Jackie, I didn't even think about sharing the process….so sorry about that. Most of the pages were done with a Micron or Faber Castill Pen. They don't bleed. Then color is added with Prismacolor map pencils. The first picture, with the pink/orange/white background, is a gelli print that I glue in with a glue stick. I dabbed pink, orange, and white paint all over a gelli plate, then lightly rolled out the paint with a brayer. Then a laid down a piece of deli paper onto the plate and rubbed all over with my hands, making sure the paint covered the deli paper. I pulled it up, let it dry, then glued a piece into my Bible. I then lettered the verse with a Faber Castill pen. Next time I share, I will try to take pictures as I go. 🙂 Thanks for asking!


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