31 Years With John

 Today is my 31st Anniversary. I know it’s rather cliche to say, but I always feel like I am the most blessed of women to have nabbed John. He’s kind, handsome, funny, hard-working, giving, and best of all, a man who follow the Lord with his whole being. That is what makes our marriage so good…because John models his life after the Lord and loves well, not unlike how God loves us.

It’s on our anniversary when I think of how John and I got together. I had moved to Houston right after I graduated from high school to attend a small Bible school that was affiliated with John’s church. I was 17 and the day I moved was the day hurricane Alicia hit. I was friends with John’s sister but was always too shy to ever talk to John much, but he sat by me some during the Bible classes, and I was able to converse with him more and feel more comfortable. (I had always had a crush on him, so it was really hard to get words out!)

After 2 weeks in Houston, I turned 18 and was thrown a surprise party by many of the students at the school. I quickly noticed that John wasn’t there, but later found out that he was with his parents at their anniversary dinner. We had church after the meal and John sat by me. He told me he was sorry he couldn’t come to the party but he had something for me after church. Oh my goodness….I couldn’t concentrate on anything that went on during that service!

After the service, John took me to his house, which was next door to the church, and gave me a dozen roses. I had never been given a dozen roses before and quickly hugged John, telling him thank you. When we made it back to the church, everyone was shocked. “John???” “John gave you flowers?” “John must really like you.” “John never even dates!”

I was a happy, happy girl.

We’ve been inseparable ever since (and I like it that way!).

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