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Speedbo and Me

I am embarking on a new adventure this month and it is called SPEEDBO, hosted by the incredible ladies at Seekerville. If you have heard of NaNoWriMo or Book-in-A-Month, then you know what kind of adventure I am talking about.

SPEEDBO stand for Speed Book…I think. It is all about writing a book in a month, or at least write as much of a book in a month as you can. You set your daily word count. You don’t have to share if you met your daily goal. You just write the most you can, every day. Simple as that. I’ve even added a word count meter in the side bar…look to your right…to keep track of my progress for the month.

Stop by Seekerville’s blog HERE for instructions to sign up. Did I mention they have tons of prizes to dish out for those participating and commenting on the blog? Hmmmm, yeah…they are awesome like that.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and be my accountability partner! 

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Fat Friday & New Resolve

It had been four weeks since I weighed in. Being the holiday season, and then going on my 25th anniversary trip, did not help my weight loss focus. So today I stepped on the scale boldly, knowing it would not be good, and knowing that it was enough that I had returned to the WW meeting for a fresh start. Yes, I gained about 4 pounds, but that’s okay. It could have been worse, I suppose!

So here’s to a new start.

And who doesn’t love a new start?! Everyone loves new beginnings. There is something fresh and energizing about starting anew on any given project. Maybe you are starting a new diet. Maybe you are getting an exercize regime going. Maybe you are beginning a new WIP or starting to do your revisions. All these beginnings give energy and new focus to our lives.

Sometimes when I begin to focus on one area of my life and get disciplined (doing anything with passion does take some discipline to keep going!), it seems to transform other areas of my life. Some of that excitement transforms other areas in my life like a chain reaction. Focusing on eating right spills over and makes me want to incorporate some exercise into my life. No…not like running and sweating (I hate to sweat), but taking the stairs when I can, or parking far away from the store so I can get some walking in. It’s all good, this chain reaction thing!

So what beginnings or new starts spill over into other areas for you?

P.S. I just got my copy of The Husband Tree by Mary Conneally in the mail today and I am sooooo excited! I can’t wait to read this book!!!! I just wish I could sneak it into work tomorrow. 🙂