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Life Passing By

I went on a short trip to see my 93 year old grandmother yesterday. She was in town visiting my parents, who live an hour away. She wanted to take us out for lunch and so we went to Babe’s, a family style, home cookin’ kind of place. GREAT food, but oh my, the music was so incredibly loud, we had to shout at each other.

My grandmother has lived a long life and has experienced alot. She was a minister’s wife for over 50 years, until Papaw passed away. She is an incredibly hard worker and spent her life to serve others. She hasn’t any huge accomplishments to her name other than being a great wife, mother, and servant of God. I know, it is a HUGE accomplishment. A life to be proud of.

I look at my life and wonder what in the world am I doing? Will life pass me by so fast that I feel like I have accomplished nothing? Am I really contributing to the world? Does it matter what I do? What does writing have to do with anything in the grand scheme of things? It is such a solitary pastime and a preacher’s wife should not live a life in seclusion, should she?

Sigh, I think the week of low clouds and no sun is affecting my mood. I would sing an Annie song, but I know for a fact it is supposed to rain once again tomorrow. Thanks for letting me wear my Doubting Pants today and spew forth from my well of gloom.