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Digital World

I had such an odd experience yesterday when I powered up my Kindle in church to read my Bible. Earlier, I had downloaded the new 2010 version of the NIV translation (only 9.99 on Amazon) and after spending a little time figuring out how to maneuver through the book, I was able to read along with the pastor. Okay, that sounded weird. He’s my husband and I really don’t like calling him the pastor. Hey, I live with the guy.

I felt really strange pulling the slim eReader out of its cute little case and clicking through the pages. It almost felt fake. Maybe fake is not the right word. It just felt plain weird…and I was self-conscious. But I’ve decided I need to get over my feelings, because you know what?

We live in a digital world.

We live in an age where we can check email in the car, read books by flipping our fingers across a screen, and pay our bills on our phones. We are connected to the world by those little WIFI waves in the air.

I stumbled upon a site called Netgalley. You can sign up and request galley books to review for free…if you have an eReader. There are many publishers listed and there are hundreds of books to choose from. True, I can’t do giveaways with those digital books, but it is a nice option to have.

Are you ready for this techno age? Are you connected? Are you prepared for the changes to come? I’m sure you’ve heard all the turmoil and fear regarding the publishing world and its future. What will ebooks do to traditional publishing? Do you care? Does it matter?