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To Giggle Or Not To Giggle

I like to laugh. Alot. And I am lucky that I have married a really funny guy. One that can put up with my goofiness. I’ve always been a shy, quiet kind of girl, but once you get to know me, I come out of my shell and can be “real”, at least the real me, the silly me.

So here I am, writing a medieval novel, and I keep wanting to put funny stuff in it. The thing is, it just doesn’t seem to fit at times. I keep writing things that crack me up, but later think it would be better served in a contemporary setting. So I am filing those away for future works, while trying to find a balance of fun and with the flavor of the medieval times. Surely, though, they had funny people back then, right? People are people, no matter the era. There had to be some Jerry Lewis or Jim Carey types back then!

All that to say, I hope some of my humor…my fun side…comes through my writing. I want a light hearted read, entertaining and engaging. Nothing deep for me, just a happy romp back in time.

So, does anyone out there write funny stuff? If not, what do you write?