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Someone Is Reading My Blog

My husband and I took off part of Friday, got our kids out of school early, and went to Houston. The church where my husband grew up was having it’s 50th Anniversary. My husband’s dad was the preacher there for 28 years and so the whole family was there…all 6 kids flew in/drove in for the event. Many people showed up at what turned out to be a wonderful reunion of friends and family.
What blew me away was how many people asked me about my book. Was it finished? Was it finally edited? Was it published? Can they read it yet? I was taken aback by the fact that people knew about my book. What I had forgotten was that I now write a blog and this blog feeds into Facebook. And LOTS of people are on Facebook.
Isn’t it interesting the amount of information that is made available for all to see? In some ways it is a bit frightening. In some ways, exciting. It makes you realize the usefulness of the Internet as advertising.
It makes me wonder what publishing and advertising will be like in the future if I get published. What will publishing, advertising, and marketing look like in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? Do you ever think about that?

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Who’s A Tweeter?

So everyone knows about Twitter, but I am finding it hard to understand its purpose. I’ve heard it called a micro-blog. What??? You know, you just write little blurbs about what you are doing throughout the day.

Why??? What is the purpose? Well, I don’t really know.

I do find other people’s tweets interesting…most of the time. I have to say, though, that I am starting to get followers who I know good and well don’t care about following me. They only care about me following them back. It’s advertising. It’s marketing. And I can see that it could be beneficial in the writing/publishing world, though I really have my doubts about it.

What do you think about all these social networking sites to promote yourself? Or are you in it for all the friends? Are you doing it to build a platform for the day you are published? Or are you in it for the fun of it all?