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Blessed by Dr. Reba of My Book Therapy

As a member of My Book Therapy, I have the opportunity to sit in on weekly webinars given by various Coaches on the MBT staff. Last night Life Coach Dr. Reba J. Hoffman spoke and her topic was Dare to Dream. She had stories and tips to move us forward to living our dream.

I was blessed by Reba’s words.

She had asked us to type in our struggles in living our dream (the webinars are interactive) and several shared. Reba’s encouraging and motivating words were like life to me. You know, many times you read advice over and over and it doesn’t sink in; but when it is personalized and directed right at you, it is as if your very pores are open to absorb the essences of the advice given. You are receptive. You care, because the person talking to you cares. It makes a difference.

And you know what? She gave us her email so that when we face down times or discouragement along the way, we can write her and receive encouragement for the writing journey. How awesome is that?!?

You can check out Reba at her awesome blog or at MyBookTherapy.

Who has spoken words of life to you recently?

Weight Loss Update: I lost 1.6 pounds this week, so actually, I have stayed about the same this month, with all my fluctuating. But I feel like I am back on track – feeling better and ready to tackle getting healthy.

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What Speedbo Has Taught Me

Writing a book in a month is a daunting task, but I signed up for Speedbo (a Seekerville project) with the hopes of getting some much needed words on the page. I plowed in, writing as much as I could, and then my computer had to be put in the shop for almost a week. I wrote longhand, but didn’t get the word count I wanted in every day. And of course, our bathroom has been under construction, and has displaced us from our bedroom to the living room. It is like camping, living among a ton of dust, sharing a bathroom with the whole family, with a mattress on the floor and my underwear in a paper bag.

Despite all the obstacles, I wrote almost every day, but soon was dissatisfied with my WIP. I was bored with it. It was a struggle to envision scenes. I really didn’t care about the characters. And the word count has withered to nothing in the last couple of days. I’ve been praying about it, wondering what was wrong, and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

I need to write in the genre that I love to read. I love historical romance. I do read contemporary some, but it does not keep my interest like something set in the past. I particularly love Regency and Medieval eras and have read vast amounts of books in those time periods. So why would I be trying to write a YA contemporary? I have no idea, other than I have THE BEST story concept that would make a fantastic book. Since I am still new to writing, I probably need to stay with one genre while I grow as a writer. Stick with what I know and get good at doing it!

I need a road map before I journey into the making of a book. I went into Speedbo with a story idea. Actually, I had developed characters, backstory, and motivation for a different book, but then thought the story would be better as a YA. So when I started Speedbo, I just used the concept and some of the backstory and went with it. Well, I really didn’t think it through and floundered with holes in the motivation and plot. What a mess. My personality tends toward lists and rules, so I think I need a detailed map to move me through. I wonder why I didn’t think about that beforehand? Duh…

I need to go to bed early during Speedbo. I write best in the early morning before anyone gets up. It’s quiet, there is nothing on TV, Twitter and FB are quiet, it’s perfect. The problem with getting up at 5:00 a.m. is that I get super tired in the day and don’t want to get up in the morning. I need to get in bed earlier so that I am well rested and ready to write first thing. This was difficult for me this month because of the construction in my home and our mattress in the living room. But I hope that once things are back to normal, I can get into a routine and get into a good writing habit once again.

I’ve been praying a lot about all that I have been learning and made a financial commitment to developing my writing. I joined the My Book Therapy Team. For $14.99 a month, I have access to a wealth of information and tools. I want to be proactive in my writing and I think that the tools and books they provide will teach me what I need to know to write well and write strong.

What have you been learning on your writing journey?
Or what have you been doing to better yourself in your dreams?

p.s.  I lost 1.4 last night at my WW weigh in for a total of 19.6. Slower than molasses, but a steady loss.

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Striving for Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Some days I feel like I am taffy, pulled in so many different directions. So many goals. So many needs around me. So many things I want to do. So what do I focus on first? What do I strive for the most?

I had one of those “step on my own toes” moments this morning in my daily quiet time. I am using Jesus Calling, Devotion for Every Day of the Year, by Sarah Young, and what I read spoke to my heart and I wanted to share a part of the text with you today:

Save your best striving for seeking my face. I am constantly communicating with you. To find Me and hear My voice, you must seek Me above all else. Anything that you desire more than Me becomes an idol. When you are determined to get your own way, you blot Me out of your consciousness. Instead of single-mindedly pursuing some goal, talk with Me about it. Let the Light of My Presence shine on this pursuit, so that you can see it from My perspective. If the goal fits into My plans for you, I will help you reach it. If it is contrary to My will for you, I will gradually change the desire of your heart. Seek Me first and foremost; then the rest of you life will fall into place, piece by piece.  I Chronicles 16:11; Matthew 6:33

Yep, a toe stepper for sure. I tend to go forth doing what I want to do, asking God to bless my efforts instead of listening for His leading and praying about which direction to take.

The answer to the “Who, What, When, Where, Why” of striving is easy. It’s our Lord God. It’s always all about Him. He is the One and Only. He is the answer…the best answer. Always and forever.

May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.