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Without Rival…One of A Kind

I have been a member of Goodreads for awhile, but haven’t really kept up with it. Since my word for the year is thrive, I decided to challenge myself to read 2 books a month for a total of 24 books this year. I will also track my progress through Goodreads (HERE) to keep myself accountable, as well as keep a running list of the books I read.

Without Rival, by Lisa Bevere, is the first book on my list. The first half of this book was really good and talked about identity and purpose of women. We are loved uniquely, because we are one of a kind, created uniquely by God for a unique purpose. To me, this message was just what I needed and worth the money spent…even if the last half of the book lagged a bit.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game on social media to where your value comes from how many likes you get. Well, that is just crazy. Our worth comes from our Creator. We are made to give Him glory and seek His approval, not the approval of man. Yes, social media is a way to encourage others and share God’s message, but we need to be careful not compare our gifts with the gifts of other people. Our gifts are to share, regardless of the talents of others.

And yes, I am preaching to me.

Why am I preaching to myself? Because I want to thrive in the gifts that God has given me and not shy away from sharing just because I think there are millions out there better than me. Of course there are people better than me! But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share what God has put on my heart to give. I need to be brave and surrender to His will for me. (You see how God uses my past year’s words to speak???) I need to step out in faith in what God is leading me to do.

We all need to quit thinking we don’t have anything to offer to the world. Because we are uniquely created by an amazing God, we have gifts to share with those around us that nobody else has. You are one of kind and the things you do aren’t like what anyone else can do. You have something to offer. Are you willing to share?

You should.

You are one of a kind. You are without rival.

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Bringing In 2017 With A New WORD

After prayerful consideration, my Word for 2017 is THRIVE. Isn’t that great? has two definitions for thrive.
1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful
2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish

Though I would like to be successful, the first definition is not really what I am wanting. After last year’s word of SURRENDER, the word Thrive excites me. There is a sense of expectancy and action. Growth and potential. It is a word that can bring power, don’t you think?

I want to thrive in faith, in my relationships, in church, at work, in my art and in my writing. I want to grow and flourish in every area of my life.

I’ve been searching through scripture for verses that talk about thriving. I’ll be sharing more verses later, but here is the verse that says it the best.

John 8:12 in The Voice says:

“I am the light that shines through the cosmos. If you walk with me, you will thrive in the nourishing light that gives life and will not know darkness.” (Jesus speaking)

If we walk with Jesus, staying in step with Him through whatever situations we are in, we will thrive. There is action involved. We are to actively take the steps needed to stay in relationship with the One who is the light of the universe. We don’t just wait around and expect Jesus to hit us over the head with His will. We are to pursue Him…know Him better…see Him at work around us and join Him in that work.

Jesus says we will thrive in the nourishing light that gives life. Gives me chills just thinking about it. Just as the sun causes the plants of the ground to grow and flourish, Jesus…when we stay close to Him…gives us the nourishment we need to live…to thrive…in this world. We grow, becoming more like Him, and gain true life saturated by His light.

This how I really want to thrive this year. I want to grow wildly and abundantly in love with Jesus.

Do you have a Word for the year? Or are you more of a New Year Resolution kind of person? I’d love to hear!

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My Art Journal – Week 1: Documented Life Project 2015

So Week 1’s prompt of the Documented Life Project was to us book pages in your spread. The month’s theme is to face your fear of the blank page and so Week 1’s challenge was to cover your page with book pages. So I covered my spread with pages from a songbook, a dictionary, a crossword puzzle and also pieces of the inside of safety envelopes. I painted with watered down acrylics, painted circles and used some stamps. I did a little journaling on the page and added a cool magazine piece in the middle. I wrote my goals for the year underneath the flap that I made out of a large recipe card that I painted with black gesso and glued a piece of my underpaper on. Adding some washi tape finished off the piece. It’s not my favorite, but it turned out okay. (And I kept adding stuff to the page so you can’t even see the book pages….too bad….I love book pages.)

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My One Little Word Canvas

The assignment for One Little Word (OLW) this month was to create a vision board for our chosen word. We were to look through magazines and choose words, phrases or pictures that spoke to us in regards to our word. Then we were to glue them to a canvas as a vision board.

It was a great exercise to go through as the words that spoke to me were not the words that I had originally thought of when I thought of my word, ANTICIPATE. Words such as craving, revelation, awakening…all things that I long for in my spiritual life.

I decided to paint the background of the canvas instead of leaving it blank. I love color and it makes me happy. After all the color, stamps, and spray inks had dried, I arranged my words on the page and thought it needed a focal point. So I printed out my chosen quote for my OLW, glued it in the middle, then glued all the words around it.

I think it turned out rather nice and will be a great reminder for me throughout the year.

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Anticipation: My One Little Word

I have been working some on my One Little Word notebook and am really enjoying it. The purpose of this notebook is to keep my One Word visible all year long…to look at each day through the lens of my One Word….ANTICIPATE. For $31, Ali Edwards will walk you through how to do your notebook. At the beginning of every month she sends you a link to prompts and downloads to use in your notebook. Fabulous!

As I’ve worked on this project, I have made the decision to incorporate Project Life into my One Word notebook. It seems appropriate. It seems a natural extension of the notebook and will help to document the year that I see through my focus on Anticipation.

So I thought I would share a few of my pages that were done in January. I haven’t printed out photos for my Project Life section yet, but I just found a great tutorial for doing that and I will share that at a later time.

So there is the beginning of my One Word notebook. I be sharing more pages throughout the year, as well as the Project Life I am incorporating.

Have a blessed Monday.