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DIY Framed Earring Holder

For my latest project, I took an old frame and turned it into place to hang my hook earrings. I think it turned out rather cute.

First I primed the frame with a spray primer.

Then I spray painted the frame a light blue.

With a white paint pen, I added a paisley design to give it some interesting detail.

I let it dry overnight, then added some rubber mesh (used as a mat in cabinets, like contact paper) to the back. It was easy to attach with a staple gun, and then I trimmed of the excess with scissors.

I’m happy with it, though I am kinda bummed that it only holds the “hook” earrings…not the studs or clasp earrings. Oh well…I will need to think of something else.

What projects are you working on? Organizing? Cleaning? Crafting? Anything?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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My Painting Experience

Last night I went with my friend Erica to Painting With A Twist in west Fort Worth. You go for 2 hours and follow the instructor’s instructions and come away with a painting. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. As you can see below in the group photo, the painting are all different, yet all look great.

Here is the progression in my painting….

First the background. We started at the top and made our way down.
I did get a green streak in the middle of the sky, but the flowers covered it up.
Then the darker flowers
After the dark flowers, we added white ones and light yellow ones.
Then we added stem and some detailing on the flowers.
My sweet friend, Erica.

I have to say that I really love doing this. It is a fun time with friends. It teaches me some painting techniques and how to layer. And I come away with some art I can hang! This is definitely going in my bedroom, as it goes well with my springy color palette.

Do you paint? Ever wanted to learn? You should check out the site and see if there is a Painting With A Twist near you. Click on the link to see…..Painting With A Twist Locations

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Trash Chair DIY Redo!

One of my favorite projects over Spring Break was redoing a wooden chair I picked up off the side of the road. I shared HERE what all I gathered from the side of the road, but in case you missed it, here is what the chair looked like before I painted it.

Yeah, it was pretty sad. All worn and scuffed up. But I got busy and primed it.

Then I painted it a flat black.

And then the fun part began. Excuse the poor photo. I took it with my phone.

I had bought some acrylic paint at Walmart, but I’m here to tell you…it was difficult to work with. It took 2 or 3 coats to make it look even halfway decent. I even ended up using Q-tips to make the polka dots because it was so much easier. I found a couple of paint pens and tried those and that did the trick! It was much easier to work with and a lot quicker. After a coat of clear gloss, here is the finished product!

I think it turned out rather cute! Now I need to fix up a cute place for it!


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DIY Painting Redos

Spring Break has been great for my creative bent. I have done a few painting redos this week that have just made me giddy. I’ve been trying to lighten up my bedroom, a little at a time, and decided to paint my lamps. They were your normal buffet lamps and were fine, but I thought painting them white would make them pop a bit. I also found a couple of burlap lamp shades for $5 each at Dollar General. I wrote some scripture on them and think they turned out okay. What do you think?

After I got that finished, I decided to spray paint an old basket that was out in the garage. I used an avacado green colored paint to pick up the green in the throw pillows on my bed. It turned out better than I thought it would. (And yes, I am using it to store hand towels and toilet paper! There is NO storage in my bathroom!)

I’m working on a wooden chair that was terribly scratched. I painted it black and am now throwing all kinds of color on it in various designs. It will be my fun chair to be used to pay bills and such. Hopefully I can share the finished product next week!

So what have you done during Spring Break? Anything fun? Productive?

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My Awesome Holiday!

I had the best week off last week! I’m sure you all had fun with family and ate lots of food like I did, but I bet you didn’t have as much fun crafting as I did.

The day after Thanksgiving I stayed at my mom’s house and she helped me make stockings. When my son got married, I felt bad that my new daughter-in-law didn’t have a matching stocking at Christmas. Three years later, I finally got them made! I saw some on Pinterest that I liked, and decided to tweak it a bit to suit my decor. I just wish I had gotten bigger letters. Here is how it turned out…

I made them out of burlap and even made a lining for them out of muslin. I painted my family’s initials in red, then mod podged some glitter on them, and then tied them on with some pretty ribbon. Pretty cute, huh?

I got my wreath made (also a Pinterest find) and think it looks fabulous!

Yes, I glitted the K initial too! Love that bright green!

And then I finally got the courage to paint a canvas like I saw here:

I decided to paint mine with a deep red background to go with my new stockings. I think it turned out quite nice.

And here is a picture of me “in process”. My husband took a picture and scared me…glad it didn’t make me mess up!

So today I go back to work on this Marvelous Monday. (sigh…I declare it to be so!) I’m thankful for the time I’ve had to rest,┬árecuperate, and rejuvenate over the last week and I hope to live the week fresh, happy, and strong. Whatever I do I pray I glorify my LORD.

Have a Marvelous Monday!

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Vacation Day = Craft Day

I took the day off work yesterday and boy, did I have fun! I made it a Craft Day and had some fun with spray paint. So today, I thought I’d share what I did.

First, I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest. (click on the Pinterest link for a tutorial…you will need to click again on the picture in pinterest to take you to the tutorial) You save up jars, like pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, etc., clean then up, then spray paint the lids. You get cute knobs from Hobby Lobby, then attach them to your lid. Fill the jar up with something fun, and you have an inexpensive gift! Here is what I made:

And look at all the cute knobs I got at Hobby Lobby! They were having a 50% off sale, so I stocked up. They were only about $2 a knob. This is what I am doing for Christmas gifts this year!

Next, I had a mirror that was just kinda blah. It was a grey stone looking mirror that I really didn’t like anymore. So, I decided to paint it.

I think it turned out fabulous!!!!! Then I put it in the living room and rearranged a bit.

┬áThen I didn’t like the look and decided to spray paint the little table black. How do you like my little Titus, sitting so nicely for his picture? Here it is again with the table black. (with Titus not sitting still this time)

I like it better. It pops now.

My daughter is moving into an apartment in August and some friends gave us an old end table. So I pulled out another paint can and spayed away. It looks cute, doesn’t it?

How’s that for a before and after? I’m pleased, and I hope my daughter will be too!

So that was my day of crafting. I had to take some aspirin last night because my hand was aching so bad from all that spraying! lol…the joys of aging are increasing.

Happy Friday! Do you have big plans for the weekend?