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Unused Potential?

As a parent, I struggle with the hard balance of motivating (or rather, nagging and pushing) my children to be better at things they excel at and freeing them to pursue the areas they are passionate about.

You see, I think sometimes we may excel in certain areas that we don’t particularly care about. At the same time, we may be passionate about things we really aren’t that good at. So how do you know when to let them pursue their passions instead of getting even better at something they have so much potential at? Do you push to the point they are miserable? Or do you let them free to explore their interests? Are the passions ones that God has placed on their hearts or did God give them giftings to excel in areas they are “supposed” to love?

I don’t know.

I wish I did.

But, as a parent, I tend to let them explore their interests and just pray that God instills in them the skills and the work ethic it will take to be good at what they love to do.

Sometimes it is difficult to let them quit certain things and I think it probably more of a pride issue for ME. I know the potential. Others SEE the potential. And then I wonder if others think I may be a bad parent for not insisting they work on what they are already good at and get even better. But…it is not about me, is it?

Part of me, sees myself in this type of situation. I’m good at certain things, so why don’t I keep at those instead of trying to do something that I am not that good at? (yet) I want the freedom to try. The freedom to fail. The freedom to do what I am passionate about, without the guarantee of success.
Has anyone ever dealt with this? Any advice? Reproach?