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Who Are You Praying To?

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We talked about prayer in Bible Class yesterday and it struck me that I don’t really think about who I am praying to like I should. Many of you probably have heard about the formula for prayer called ACTS.


In the Adoration section, I praise God for being God, but here is something I learned in class. There are three different aspects of God that I have never considered as a whole.

God is High and Holy. The God who is worthy of our praise. The God who is so Almighty and Worthy, He commands respect and awe. He is Creator. He is above all things and over all things. He is our High King to worship and serve wholeheartedly.

God is Righteous. He is perfect. He is pure. He is white as snow. And being righteous  He can stand as one who judges justly. He is a just God. He is the ultimate God, without blemish, without fault.

God is Love. God is  compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. He cares for us, His children…the pinnacle of His creation. He listens to us. He speaks to us. He gives us a relationship with Him that fulfills us and sustains us in this dark world. His love envelopes us, giving us peace.

May the Holy, Righteous, Loving God surround you with His loving presence, that you may know Him and come to love Him with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. May you be blessed by the Maker of heaven and earth and filled with His Spirit to overflowing.

Go in peace and have a Marvelous Monday!

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Asking God the Wrong Thing

Do you ever wonder if you are asking God the wrong thing? Or for the wrong things? To do the wrong things? I have to tell you that yesterday’s sermon hit home with me. The service was so moving, with the Holy Spirit whispering through the words of the songs, touching my heart like only He can. And then the sermon came.

Don’t you love it when your pastor is passionate about something? Has experienced God’s presence and is excited about it? Yeah, that’s what I love in a sermon!

Our church is facing some serious changes with our building being for sale and the thought of having to relocate is a tough one. My husband, the pastor, has been praying about these changes and asking for direction in order to help our church.

In his teaching,my husband has been focusing in John 14-17, which talks about the the Holy Spirit and staying connected to God. In that section, Jesus talks about “ask in my name” four times. My husband’s word from God was this: He’d been asking God for wisdom to deal with the changes coming to our church. He’d been wanting God to send him knowledge to help our church. Sure, that’s noble. But here’s the thing, he had been asking God to help him do something for the church, not asking God to do something.

Ask God to do something!

God is a BIG God and He wants to work in our lives. He wants to DO something in us and for us. Sure, He can empower His people, and He does that, but He wants to do something big in our lives.

And here is the really AWESOME thing that God did. We have had two young couples place membership in the past week!!!

Our small church is such a wonderful mixture of generations that support each other and love each other. But in the change that is coming, we are going to have to realize that in a way, this change is going to be like a death. It will be the death of our church as we have known it the past decade. As with any huge change in church, there will be people who leave. It’s a fact. A sad one for sure, but a fact, nonetheless. It will be a death of our church as we know it. BUT…The cool thing is that we will get to experience a new birth.

New beginnings! It’s exciting to think about, really. What is God going to do? Well, He’s already brought 2 new young couples into our church this past week and I believe that is just a foretaste of what’s to come. We will need that energy and fresh perspective to face the coming days.

God is doing something! And I’m thrilled to see what else He will do!

What is God doing in your life?

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A Writer’s Prayer Life

I was going to talk about my foray into plotting this past weekend, but it sounded boring even to me. So I began reading blogs in my Google Reader this morning, procrastinating like a good Queen of Procrastination does, and I read a post by Paula Boire at the MBT Ponderer‘s blog.

Paula Boire talked about faith and the writing life, but it wasn’t the faith part that struck me. It was when she talked about her prayer life. She spoke about praying over her writing life. She mentioned specific verses she prayed over her writing, bathing the gift that God had given her with His words of promise, peace, and strength.

I was convicted.

Big time.

I think because I’ve questioned whether God has called me to write, I feel guilty praying over it. I kinda feel like I’m saying “Lord, this is what I want to do, now please bless it.” instead of “Lord, you have called me to write for Your glory, what is it you want me to write?” That is a simplistic way of looking at it, but I wonder if that is what I’m doing.

This morning I’ve come to the conclusion that whether I’ve been called to write or just want to use some of the creative gifts He has given me, I should bathe my writing journey in prayer. Not just a “bless me, Lord” prayer, but specific prayer, using scripture to direct my prayers.

How has God convicted you lately?

p.s. Here is a prayer for writers I found by Mary DeMuth. May it bless you like it did me. A Prayer For Writers.

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Listening Close

When I have decisions to make and choices to decide between, I tend to listen with my heart attuned to God more. I seek His direction and try to pay attention to what He is saying.

Do you ever have decisions you have to make and you don’t know which way to go? Either way you go would most likely be good, but you must weigh different aspects of the decision to find the best way.

I’ve been praying about something and I’ve been listening.

And God gave me a word.

In my devotion book today, this was the first line I read (written as if God were speaking) …

“When I give you no special guidance, stay where you are.”…Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. 

Don’t you love it when God speaks and you know without a doubt it was Him?

Is it hard for you to be patient and listen for answers to your questions? When was the last time you heard from God in a direct way?

p.s.  My Weight Watchers weigh in last night was a dismal failure. I gained 2.2 pounds over the last two weeks. I knew I was off track, but it is still frustrating to see those numbers on the scale move in the wrong direction. Here’s to a new week of downward spiraling numbers on the scale!