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Honest Scrap

Thank you Tabitha, from the Books, Bubs and Writing Blabber blog, for honoring me with the Honest Scrap Award! Tabitha is a sweetheart who has recently written a memoir. Wow, huh? She has alot to offer and I think she’s awesome!

So, I’m supposed to tell you 10 random facts about ME. I don’t know that I have anything you might not know, but I’ll try.

  1. I hate hair that is not attached to a person’s body. It really grosses me out.
  2. I cannot drink after other people, even my husband. The whole backwash thing when the kids were small cured me of that FOREVER!
  3. I cannot watch movies or read books that have demons or satanic themes. I get insanely scared, which is weird, because I have power in me that is greater than them. Maybe it’s because I know they are real that is scares me….hhmmm.
  4. I have scoliosis and wore a big metal back brace in 9th and 10th grade. (Think Joan Cusack in 16 Candles…or was that Pretty in Pink.)
  5. I first spoke with my husband when I was 17 and had just moved to Houston to attend a Bible school. He gave me a dozen roses 2 weeks later on my 18th birthday and we have been together ever since.
  6. Got married at 19 and had my first child at 20.
  7. I love, love, love gummy bears and worms.
  8. I got to meet Frank Peretti on my 30th birthday and got an autographed copy of The Oath.
  9. I can do the robot most excellently.
  10. uummm…I have a pair of Cranky Pants, a pair of Fun Pants, a pair of Lazy Girl Pants, and am seriously looking for some Smarty Pants. (as in, O Wise One kind of pants) I thought about some Snarky Pants, but I tend to wear those under my Crank Pants. 🙂

Please forgive me for not passing this award on. I started back to work today and just didn’t have the time over the weekend to get it all together!

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And The Yeahs Have It

I’ve been pondering the word YEAH. (ye-ah). It has been interesting to me that many people write this word in many different ways. You have the way I write it,


And then you have other varieties:


So is it a matter of geographical location? Do people in the south do it differently than people in the north?

Is there a rule for this? A chapter on it in The Manual of Style?

Does it bother you at all to have so many different ways of writing words? Does it even matter? Does anyone even care? lolol

Just needed some randomness today.