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Synopsis Class Update

I’m nearing the end of my synopsis class I am taking from Camy Tang. This has been the most challenging and the most useful thing I have ever done with my writing. I have learned more the past two weeks than I have reading all my writing books combined! Seriously.

Camy puts up a lesson through a Yahoo Group created for the class. We then do the homework and post it to the Group. Camy looks it all over and comments and makes suggestions for making your work stronger.

What I have loved about this class is the way Camy encourages you while challenging you at the same time. She has a great way of giving you examples of what she is looking for, without telling you outright what to write. I’ve had lots of “aha” moments and have found a plot hole. Maybe not a hole, but a weak part the story. It’s amazing how she helps you to look at your story from a bird’s eye view.

Right now, my homework is to write the spiritual/internal arc. This has me stumped, and the reason is because I started my book not wanting to write a “Christian” fiction book. I wanted to write a fun and engaging story, yet not be preachy. But as I wrote, my faith couldn’t help but creep in, and my characters began a spiritual trek. So as I try to put on paper what their journey is, well, it’s not good. There ISN’T a great spiritual/internal arc and this is something I need to develop.

I’ve got alot of work to do. 🙂 But that’s okay! I’ve learned how to write a synopsis. This class has taught me HOW to pre-plot a book!!!! That is HUGE! The pre-plotting will help to build a solid foundation…without plot holes.

I’m so excited and I think this class is an incredible resourse for writers. Seriously, check out Camy Tang and see what she has to offer. She won’t let you down!

What other classes have you taken that gave you an “aha” moment? Or if you haven’t taken a class, what lesson from what book did you learn from?

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Story Sensei Synopsis Class!

I am beginning my first ever online class today. And I’m nervous. Isn’t that funny? I guess it’s because I haven’t ever done a class before. I’ve never done any kind of writing class. (gasp!)

I missed Camy Tang’s synopsis class in February and decided to order her synopsis worksheet. But I found out that she is offering a 2 week class starting today and it’s only $30!!! So I promptly signed up. I am hoping to learn how to do one the proper way…one that makes sense and yet grabs the reader. 🙂 I’ve heard great things about Camy and know it will be wonderful!

If you are interested, check out her Story Sensei Blog for more details.

Okay, here’s something I saw on a blog recently. I am so sorry I cannot remember what blog it was, but it was so cool. Have you ever thought of a plot, or even began your WIP, only to find that there is a book published with the same plot?

Well, this video demonstrates how even with the same basic plot, your story can be wildly your own. Because you are a creative being, you can put a spin on story ideas that nobody else can. Its flavor is unique to your tastes. Its aroma carries the essence of you. Nobody can spin a tale like you can.

So watch this video and see how the same four chords can play many vastly different songs. Way cool. To each his own….

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Reflections & Triumph

My week away from blogging helped me last week. I was refreshed. I was productive. I was victorious!

I wrote my first synopsis!!!!!

And it’s not all that great. Believe me, it’s not. I had a friend look it over, as well as my dad, and they both had some encouraging and constructive advice to give me. Once I get their feedback in written form, I will tackle the edits on it.
Photo: Tim Toole

This learning process is such an interesting thing. I had looked online at different synopsis and yet I still struggled with how the thing was supposed to be done. Especially the one pager…it is difficult to fit all the plot variables of your story onto one page–even if it is single spaced! lol
I learned how to write the synopsis through the actual act of writing it. And I learned even more by having someone with experience look at it with expert eyes and show me how to make it better.
I am finding that I can read writing craft books until the cows come home; I can soak up the great blogs about writing until I’m saturated and dripping all over the place; I can research and talk to other writers 24/7 and yet I will never learn as much, or as fast, as when I actually put fingers to the keyboard and write, write, write.

Newbies like me need to write. We need to write a lot. Practice may not make perfect, but it hones our skills and makes our stories stronger.
I’m confessing my addiction to blogs and to FB…and to Twitter…and to TV. (I refuse to confess to my book or chocolate addiction!) I am not giving them up, but I am cutting back. Paring down, weeding out, throwing out…I’m going to be strong.

Yay me!