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Sherrinda It Is

Is anyone having trouble seeing the title of my blog? It wasn’t showing up for Katie, so we shall see if it magicically appears today. If you can see it, what do you think?

I thought putting a poll on my blog would clearly show what title to use for my blog. Boy, was I wrong! If anything, I was more confused. All my cyber friends gave me so many things to think about and there were several great ideas.

Kristi, everyone seemed to like your idea and I thought it was very ketchy…er, catchy. But I decided not to use it for two reasons. One, I don’t know that I will use a pen name. I suppose I will wait to decide when I get some professional advice. Who knows…maybe my big ol’ name will be okay to use. And two, to make Ketch plural might be confusing. It would look like my name is Sherrinda Ketches. I’d hate to introduce myself and everyone go…”What? What do you catch?” Funny, huh?
So I decided to just go with Sherrinda with a tag line. I felt “Her Write of Passage” really spoke to my heart and symbolized where I was on this writing journey. Most rite of passages involve some kind of ritual ceremony that marks a person’s passage from one status to another. I feel like I have passed through another phase of my journey, having written a full length novel.

I know there will be other passages I will travel through and each one will mark yet another stage in this writing trek. I’ll celebrate each and every one, and invite everyone to party with me…cyber-style.

What passages have you gone through and how have you celebrated?

blog, poll, titles

No More Writer Wannabe?

I’ve been thinking for a quite awhile about renaming my blog. When I started the blog, I was just beginning my writing journey, wanting to write, but not sure I could really do it. I was a Writer Wannabe. Now that I have spent two years writing and have finished a book, I feel like I am no longer a wannabe.

I am a writer.

Now I am an Author Wannabe. But seriously, that is kind of a lame blog name, isn’t? I’ve debated using my whole name, but it is long and it is weird, and I think it might be too much of a mouthful for normal consumption. Besides, if…no, when I get published, I don’t know that my name would fit across the cover. (LOL) I’ve thought about shortening it, but then I’ve heard some horror stories about using pen names.

So, I thought of using my first name with a tag line of some kind. My first name is unique enough that I think people might not get me confused with anyone else. I don’t know…have any of you met any other Sherrinda’s?

I’ve thought of a few new blog names and created a poll to see what my cyber friends think sounds best. The poll is in the right side bar. So take a moment and cast your vote! If you can think of something even better, leave it in the comment section.

I’m looking forward to what you think–even if you think I need to keep the title the same. That raises another question…should we change the names/titles of our blogs as we grow and change as writers/people? What do you think?