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Anniversary Trip

 I’ve been away on an anniversary trip to Fredericksburg, a small German town in the middle of the big state of Texas. It’s my 26th anniversary, and it was nice to get away. We left the kids home alone–no grandparent to cook for them and make sure they get home before curfew. Were we brave? Or just stupid?

My kids did fine… from what they’ve told me. They ate all the food I cooked up and spent all the money we left. The house was even clean when we got home. Amazing, I know!

So while they were home alone (and let me just tell you, they are 20, 18, and 15–not little ones in diapers), we had fun walking the streets, shopping, eating, and napping. Yes, it was a good mixture of fun and rest. Just what I was needing!

View from balcony

We stayed in an old livery stable that had been converted into a bed and breakfast. It was rustic, but nice. Big bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, small kitchen, double fireplace…it was nice!

So that’s why I’ve been away. Now I’m back and will have some book reviews to put up. (I read two books on the trip!) Hhhhmm, maybe I’ll even do another giveaway.

I love dart guns!

Has anyone been to an interesting place? Stayed in unique lodgings?