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Nose to the Grindstone

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My week off is over and it is back to the trenches, off to the workforce, nose to the grindstone. OUCH! I didn’t do much on my “vacation”…spent time with family, read, watched Netflix, did a little editing. I didn’t even clean the house like I should have.

There’s something about getting back to a routine that I like. I get up at 5am and get to work by 7:30am. I get home at 5:15pm and I cook supper. I clean the kitchen. I get on my laptop and/or watch TV. I go to bed. I know what I’m supposed to do and I do it. It is a forced discipline – of which I sadly lack on my own.

It’s weird how you make yourself do something when you know you HAVE to do it. I get up early because I HAVE to go to work. I cook dinner because we HAVE to eat. I do laundry because we HAVE to have clean clothes.

Here’s the thing…I’m not one of those writers who HAS to write or they die. It’s a fun thing for me, so if I don’t feel like it, I don’t. But that won’t get a book written. There has to be some kind of discipline going on to get a book written.

So what’s a girl to do? Make a plan, of course. With consequences. Mwahahahhaa. I must write 1000 words a day or I do not get a diet Dr. Pepper the next day. Sigh…I know what you are thinking…that’s harsh! I love my diet Dr. Peppers.

So tell me, what’s your plan of action to get things accomplished? 


Winner of Keli Gwyn’s debut book, A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California is….Patty! Congratulations! Be looking for an email from me! 

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A Labor Day Winner

What a blessed Labor Day. Seriously, after sixty-seven 100+ degree days this summer, today’s high of 82 was a bit of heaven. It was so cool this morning that we got out in the garage and cleaned it out. We had so many boxes from our move last year that we hadn’t gone through and there was only a path through the garage. A coworker gave me two shelving units and we got organized. Now we can even park a car in the garage!

I started a movie, but fell asleep. I suppose that’s okay, given it is a holiday, but it sure makes me feel lazy.

Lazy is okay once in awhile, but when you forget to draw a winner for Kaye Dacus’s book, Ransome’s Quest, well, that is NOT a good thing! So without further ado, the winner of Kaye’s book is:

Jodie Wolfe

Congratulations! I will be emailing you to get your snail mail address!