Are you NaNo-ing?

NaNoingTomorrow, November 1, begins National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). It is the month where writers all over the country attempt to write 50,000 words on their current work-in-progress (WIP). That means you have to write 1,667 words a day, which is about seven pages a day.

I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo twice and failed both times. There were several factors contributing to my inability to finish, including a stressful full-time job and, of course, all things Thanksgiving.

But this year is different!

This year I am at home with only a part-time job where I set the hours. This time I have prepared. I’ve had an idea for my second medieval and have four chapters written, but I knew if I wanted to be successful and write quickly, I needed a roadmap for my writing.

So this week I’ve worked out a skeleton plot, with ideas for about 25 scenes. I’m hoping as I get into the story, my imagination will spark with even more ideas.

I’ve worked a little on a Pinterest board with pictures of my characters. You can go to this link to view how I picture the characters I will be writing about: His to Keep Pinterest Board

Plus, I’ve set up a file in Scrivener (an organizational writing program), included some character sketches, research on certain topics like handfasting, inheritance rules, etc… Everything at my fingertips.


I’m set!

Now all I have to do is sit down every day and write, write, write!

If you are a writer, are you NaNo-ing?

If you are a reader, dd you know that some of the books you’ve read have been written during NaNoWriMo? 🙂

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